Thursday, September 23, 2010


Not many people know I work at an insurance company during the day and I am an artist at night.  Well anyway I am usually in a hurry when I go in and out of the building but I finally realized that I was in a building with the most beautiful mosaic works. Isn't it funny how you take things for granted. These mosaic are from top of the ceiling to the floor. We have 5 floors and each one has one. I took pictures of them. The top floors came out great because the sun was shining threw but the lower floors not so good. You just can't see the beauty. The artists name is Lenoids Linauts from Mohnton PA.  I tried to google him but I could not find anything. I am assuming that he is an Amish or Mennonite. Because the name is definitely PA Dutch. If anyone out there knows anything about this man please let me know. Thanks. Check them out!

This is also a quilt that is hanging from a wall. Floor to Ceiling.

Very lucky person to be working at a beautiful building as this one.

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