Friday, October 5, 2012

Wonderful September Wedding

Hello everyone!!
It has a been a very busy Sept! 

I was the photographer for my Nephew Kellen's Wedding

I was so nervous!!
That is a big responsibility!!

Cutest Couple Ever!!

Getting Ready!

I just knew I had to get the most important shot!
The kiss!!

And I got it!!! Yeah!!!
This was such a heartfelt wedding.
Not a dry eye in the house.
Tracy and Kellen have been going together for 8 years!
We all love Tracy.
The story is when I first met Tracy(At Nelly's 30th birthday party) I told both my nephews that one of them had to marry this girl!  ( I am pretty sure I yelled it) 

Needless to say Tracy was a little embarrassed!

 I knew she and Kellen were perfect together!

There is such a sweetness about both of them.

Kellen takes his time.

And we were waiting and waiting and waiting!!!


Mr. and Mrs. Kellen McElroy

I am so happy for them both!
He loves her so much..

And they walk into the sunset
(Not really I just made them walk that way)

Who wouldn't marry this girl!
She is beautiful inside and out

I really like the way these pictures turned out Tracy's beauty and the crumbling walls.
Such a contrast but so beautiful together

My Sister Heidi and her Men
Josh, Heidi, Kellen and Larry
She was so proud!
Me too!

My Beautiful Little Girl Nelly Bell and Sammy Wam.

Take a look at this shot. Look closer!!

My beautiful daughter misbehaving!
My sister Heidi had to point this out to me.

Bad Girl!!! 

My Big Beautiful Family!
A lot of them missing.
Who knows where my Dad was???

Tracy coaches a college Lacrosse Team.
These are some of her peeps with the Photo Booth props.

Photo Booth Madness!!!
I wish I had more pics of this!
Too much fun!!

Cake time??

Me and my Sisters!
We are so happy!!
My favorite people

And my other 2 favorite people!
Liz (Other McElroy Wife) and Stellani (Cousin)

Heidi is so happy! 

(Didn't take very good action shots?? They got a little loopy)

I love this picture!
This is the boy I know and love!!
He is such a special boy to me. He knows why!
I adore them both!
What a special day!

He did good!!!
And they lived Happily ever after......
Too be continued.....