Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hello Everyone I'm Back!!!

Hello Everyone! 

I hope you have not forgotten me!  I have been dealing with some life things. But I assure you that I am back! I missed everyone! Hope you are all doing well!! 

I am officially working as a Full Time Artist!!! Yay!  A lot more time to be spent creating!! It has been my life long dream. 


I have been taking Marie Forleo's B School.  Love it!! So excited about that! 

Very busy making things happen!!! Can't wait !  All the possibilities! 

Although I have been away I have been creating lots of work. Here are some of the pieces I have been creating!

Free From Resistance
She had the World 

Regal Dancer

I Give You My Heart 

Journal Pages 

I carry your heart with me
I carry it in my heart
I am never without it
Anywhere I go you go
~ee cummings~

Also starting a new large painting

I have sold "Leaning on a Friend" to Michael for his wife Karen's birthday.
I am so happy that this is going to a good home. I will be able to visit whenever I want to.
This is the first painting of mine that was ever published.
It is very special to me.
I could not give it up to just anyone.
Karen is a very special person. 

Also sold "My Life Is Full Of Colors" to Jane's daughters for Jane's Birthday. 
So happy that this is also going to another Wonderful Loving Home!

I have added some new prints to my Etsy Shop. I am limited until Thursday because I am getting my printer fixed. It will here Thursday!!! Yay!!!!!
Then I can add some new pieces!!

So everyone I hope you come and visit again because there will be a lot more exciting things happening. Some "How to" posts. (And video's a little nervous about that)
See you soon!!! 

I am dedicating this post (and song) to my Father In Law who lost his battle with Lung Cancer on
 January 20, 2013
(Click on this link if you would like to give to the Cancer Society. Every little bit helps! Tell them Charley Foust sent you!)

I will do everything in my power to make him proud of me.
Business was everything to him
Stock Market was his hobby
When he visited his clients he would leave packets of flower seeds
He knew every clients names, spouses names, kids names and pets (No kidding)

He loved the beach
He always told me to never trust anyone who doesn't like dogs or flowers
He liked to do the table cloth and the cork out of the bottle trick (Ahhhhh!)
Life of the Party!
He will be greatly missed.

He loved to listen to the ladies sing the blues.