Thursday, March 27, 2014

Be An Original

Sabika is having a "Be An Original" campaign the month of April
10% of the proceeds go to a Charity of the Consultants choice.

My daughter Nelly is a Sabika Consultant. 
I love the jewerly!
I wear it all the time.
I can't get enough of it!!!
I want to eat it!! It's that beautiful!!(Just kidding I really don't eat it ;)
I can't tell you enough good things about this Company.
I had the pleasure of being a guest at there Conference in Pittsburgh.
And also had the pleasure to meet the CEO Karin in King of Prussia
Truly inspiring! I know we tend to use the word inspiring a lot in this culture but her story is amazing.  The adversity that she went through to get were she is today is TRULY INSPIRING. She is working on her Biography at this time. 

If you read my blog you will know that Alzheimer's is an important charity for my family.
See my prior post here.  Alzheimer's
It makes me weep when I think of the great minds that we lost from this disease.
Including my Mother. 
I made this Mixed Media painting just for this campaign.
Purple is the Official Ribbon for Alzheimers. Also the purple "Forget Me Nots" are the official flowers.
And of coarse I had to add a little bling around the neck!!! Love Sabika!!!


I will be giving everyone who makes a purchase of Sabika at my house on April 26, 2014 a print of "Be an  Original"  Also at the end of the party, we will draw from a hat and whoever's name I pick, the Mixed Media Painting will be going home with you!!! Framed and ready to pop on your wall!!! Wooo Hooo!!!!
And just for coming you will get 6 of my postcards!!!
So please come and support the cause!!!
And plus you get gorgeous jewelry and hang out with some really wonderful women!!
What more could you ask for!!!
If you are to far away you can contact Nelly.

It you are interested in any other information you can contact Nelly at
She would love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful week everyone!!!!
I will be working on Owls this week!!!!
I love my Owls!!!

Below is the Documentary of the Family who created Sabika

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Flowers and Things

 Working on some Mini Canvas's for my Open House in May.
Not sure exact date.
Coming soon.
My Owls are going to be in the May Issue of Somerset Studio.
So I can sign copies for you if you bring them.

Do you notice the theme??
This is the first Winter that I have really yearned for it to end.
I am not sure why.
I don't know if it is because of all the snow ! (But I love snow!) 
I need the sunshine.
I feel restless.
I need to get outside.
I need lots of flowers!!
I miss them. 
You can get them at the store but there is something about growing them.

I have also some how started to have a new found love for painting in my art journal.
Not that I didn't journal before but it has become an really important thing in my life.
It helps me work out some things in my art and life.
 Working on Life
 Working on some fun characters 

While I am working on my journal I play my music and just get into it!

This is one of the songs that has really touched me.  I can cry every time I hear it.
Who in this world has not had to give up on someone. 
I know I have.
Sad song but so beautiful.
Everyone have a wonderful week.  I hope I don't make you cry with this song.
But here it is.

Thursday, March 13, 2014



Know first who you are; And then adorn yourself accordingly

It has taken me time to realize who I am as a person.   Everyday it changes. I think I know what I am doing and who it is I want to be.  
I think maybe that is what life is.  It is a long journey and we get to change and grow everyday. 

Then I think how do you define a person???
Is it the way they dress? 
Is it what material things they have accumulated? 
Is it there religion?
 Is it there political views? 
Is it their status in their community?

I don't think it is. I think how you define a person is how they treat other people.
Do they treat their family members with respect?
Do they make you feel good when you speak to them?
Do they treat people that are down and out with respect?
Are they kind to animals? (Important one for me)
Every person needs respect.
Everyday I learn something new about how to treat people and how I want to be remembered when I am gone.  I am getting better at this as I get older. 
I am not saying I am a perfect person....Far from it!
But I have to say that everyday I try to make an effort in being mindful on how I speak to people.
Not always successful! (I forget my filter..)
I try to listen to what I say. 
I try to be open minded. (Key words)
I try not to be so opinionated.
Which is very difficult for me sometimes because I come from a line of strong women. 

(With lots of opinions. And we all have different ones. Hence, the loudness on Wednesday nights when we all get together and sit around the dining table and talk things out.  We have been doing this for many many years. Not always pretty but it is necessary for all of us.) 

Everyday is a new day.  You can decide how you want to live it.  

Go out and see what you can do to make someone else's day better.

I hope everyone is doing great and that they are having a wonderful week. 

Happy St Patricks Day to all of you.
I am going to drink a green beer and listen to some Irish Music this weekend!
Wooo Hooo!!!


Thursday, March 6, 2014

LET GO & Lots of Journaling


This painting reminds me to let go.  Just let go and believe.  Trust.  
Let Go.
Learn to Trust.
Something very hard for me to do. 
I think I have finally learned.
To believe in me. 
That I will know when to trust and when not to trust.
Not hide away.
Trust in the process of life.
Trust the people in my life.
Trust in myself
Let Go.
Hello lovely people.

I have been away. I hope you enjoyed the repeat blog post that is so near and dear to my heart. I felt it needed to be repeated.   And because my computer was down I felt that was the most important post that I have ever written.
I have been so busy painting. It really did me good with not having my computer. It gave me time to just work on my art.  It was funny how I kept taking off to my computer room and then realizing that I didn't have it. (I also need a new laptop!!!)  One of these days I am going to take a month off from all social media. 
See what happens. Hmmmmm. It would be interesting.
But anyway these are the creations I have done the past week. 
Having so much fun!
Listening to Music and making Art.

Listening to Paolo Nutini 
So excited about this new album!!!
It is about time!
Makes me want to DANCE!!!
Have a great week everyone!!!