Thursday, April 23, 2015

What's Inside

What's Inside

I must learn to peel away all the layers of my tattered soul. 
What is inside this head?
 Who are you?
 What do you want?
 It will be revealed someday

Will I ever find what I really want or who I really am... 
I keep searching, but am I searching for something that can never be attained. 
Will I ever arrive?
I don't think so. 
I think I will never stop striving. 
Without striving I think I would die...
So with that said... I don't think I will ever arrive.
Does that make sense?
I want to keep that curiosity.
Dig deeper and deeper. 
What will I find I don't know.
I just know that I will have to keep digging.
Keep going.
Everyday I become a different person.
I become myself over and over again.
And so on and so on. 
I will be revealed someday.

~ Heather Foust ~

Hello Everyone!!!

I have been working hard and painting a lot lately.
That is all I seem to really want to do.
Paint Paint Paint.
Having so much fun.
Getting to do what I love everyday is so rewarding.

These are 2 new paintings that I completed in the last week. 

Since I have not been here for awhile I thought I would pop in and say hello!! 

I am getting ready for an Open House at my friend Annie's house on May 3rd.
12 to 6
It is going to be really fun! 
Annie's wonderful creations not to mention one of the most awesome gardens ever!!!
My friend Sue will have her pottery on hand.
I will have originals, prints and postcards
It will be a fun day.
If anyone is interested in coming I can email you the address. 
It is being called a SIP AND SEE.
We will be sipping and seeing.

One Day
Sending much love to everyone!!!

And I am leaving you with some fun dancing music.
Alt J -  Left Hand Free