Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Circle Journal - PPF


This year my theme for my Circle Journal is Things with Wings.  Very excited about this one.   I never get tired of drawing or painting things with wings.  Angels, Butterflies, Birds.  All things beautiful have wings.  Even Gargoyles, Flies, Anything with Wings. ((Maybe Bats not soooo much but some people like them.))

Something about flying is so serene and calming to me.

I wish I could fly. 

I have flying dreams all the time.

 Do any of you have flying dreams?

And do you know what they mean?

If you do please tell me.

I need some dream interpretation

My Journal Page

I am flying!!!!!!

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Prom Night

(Ok I told you I would switch it out with the finished product. Here it is!)

This is one of my newer paintings.  Funny story my newphew was looking at all my paintings and looked at this one and said "Prom Night" It was just in its beginning stages and I was looking for a name for it .   So it stuck.  What a clever boy.  She has a frame around it now but I have no picture of it because my sister has my camera and she is not home this weekend "She is at the beach!"   So jealous but anyway. Happy PFF to everyone!!!  The finished one has little thingys in her hair.  I have to go I am going to be late for work!!!! I will scan her later today and replace this one.  Love you Guys!!!! 

Also the last time I posted this I forgot to put the Link to PPF!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

What a Lovely Day

What a wonderful day I had. My first show ever. It was a success!
I meet so many interesting people. And I sold 2 originals. How exciting is that! And many prints and postcards.

It makes me so happy that my art is floating around the universe!

I sold my first print to a beautiful lady and her little girl. I have a picture of her in my camera , but I don't have it becauseI left it at my Uncles Solice party. (That's another crazy story). But I will be getting that camera back and I will post her picture. They were so sweet.  I let her get away after she bought the print, because I was so excited I forgot to take a picture of her. Soooooooo crazy as I am I chasing her up the street and she was so gracious to pose for some pictures.  Argh and I am the most unphotographic person ever!!!  All these skinny ass little people and I look like a big monster!! I really am much cuter in person!! I swear! (I think?!??)

I was so honored when Shelly Byrne bought my original "Bird Lady" What a compliment. Shelly is a well known artist in our area. And all over the US. She is also an old friend.  We go back to the old crazy days.

And look who popped into my stand!!! Reading's own Scoutie Girl, Tara Gentile!! Oh yes the poor girl!!! I almost mauled her to death!!! I screeched when I saw. She was so sweet.  Poor girl!!

This was the set up in the front of the booth with the prints and postcards. Nelly and I kept changing it up all day.

This was sitting outside the Tent.


I had such a blast!!!!

I wanted to say one thing I would not have been able to put this all together without my beautiful (I am going to cry now) daughter Nelly Bell.  She is an angel!! I will forever be grateful for my lovely girl.  (And I have no pictures of her, She is a pain in the butt sometimes too, I kept on saying I wanted a picture with me and her but you know these kids!)
And to my wonderful men Stevie and Mike!!! Thank you Guys for your brawn and muscles!!! Your the best!!!

Oh also!!!! TaDa!!! Tracy and Kellen are FINALLY after 71/2 years engaged. They are soooo cute!!!  Our family is Sooooo  excited!!!

The cutest couple ever!!!

And to top off the day Soltice party at Uncle Tim's!!

What a lovely day.....
and many more to come

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Look Within

Look Within

I just wanted to let you see the progression of my last large painting.

Getting the paint on the canvas

Drawing, cutting and pasting the head and hand

More just feeling around on what I want to do.  Tissue paper for her shirt.  Bird is starting to appear.

Put her head dress on her head with more tissue paper.  Also cut out some of the leaves.

More leaves. And defined a border. I always have a border around it.

Coming along with highlighting and more borders.

Embellishments. Oh how I love embellishments. I want to eat embellishments.


My Lady.

Flowers and border.

Look Within

I hope everyone is doing well this week. I will not be posting until 2 weeks. (I think) I don't know if I can stay away but I am busy getting ready for June 18th, Art on the Ave.
Sooooo excited. I have to stay off the computer until June 19th.  Ok, so if you see me on here again you must scold me!!! Please!!!
Please visit Paint Party Friday and visit all my friends. I will not be able to post this week !!! But everyone else please leave a post of encouragement to everyone at PPF!!!
SEE you in 2!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Soooooooo Busy!!!!!!! Frames everywhere!!!!!!! Cards Everywhere!!!

Frames Everywhere!!!!! I have been so busy painting frames!!!! My husband made tons of them for me.  Yes he is wonderful!!! My big hunk of man!!!

Finished Frames!

More Finished Frames!


I really meant frames everywhere!!!! 

More Frames!!!!

Some unfinished and some finished

Unfinished Frames!

Almost Framed Art!

Unframed Art!

Postcards in boxes!!

Postcards on the Table!

Prints on the floor!

Artwork to be completed!!!!

Argh!!!!! So busy getting ready!!!
No time for anything!!
With working full time at my other job,working for Steve and doing my art!!! Whewww!!!!!!
But you know it makes me feel alive!!!!
Love it!!!
It will be sooooo worth it!!!

Please go visit all my friends from Paint Party Friday!!! They would love to hear from you! Check out all there great art!!!