Thursday, March 29, 2012

Just Playing!!! Journal Page and New Picasa3! Ahhhhhhh!!!!

Blured Edges

Cross Process

Heat Map



I was going to buy Photoshop Elements because I wanted to do some fancy photography and manipulate some photos.
I don't need to because I just uploaded the new Picasa 3 and it has all this fun stuff!!!
It can wait!
I am so excited!!!

Don't forget to visit everyone at Paint Party Friday!!
Thank you Eva and Kristin for hosting!
And I hope everyone at Artfest is having a great time!!!
I just couldn't make this year!
I am going to a conference to see Brene Brown and Geneen Roth in April in NYC.
So excited about that!
I could only swing one of them.


Thursday, March 22, 2012


I left a tear in the ocean

We have a family condo at Ocean City MD.  The reason we have that condo is because my sister in law Darylanne wanted it.  Steve's dad could never resist Darylanne.  I was not so keen on the beach.  I wanted a place in the mountains on a lake.  She won.  That was ok.  I remember the day that we went to see it for the first time.  It was beyond my wildest dreams. I could not believe we were getting this penthouse condo smack dab on the ocean. With private porches on both sides of the ocean and bay.   I would have been happy with a trailer 5 miles away from the ocean. I couldn't believe it.
We have had that condo for 18 years now.

Tragically twelve years ago Darylanne died of a rare form of pancreatic cancer when she was 42.  She requested that her ashes be scattered in the ocean in front of the condo.
We carried out her wishes.
So every time I go to the beach the first thing I do when I get out of the car is run to the beach and look out at that vast ocean and I say hello. I tell her how much I miss her. And I was so grateful that I had her as my sister in law. She was my friend.

I leave a tear in the ocean.

So Lulu sayssss "That's enough of that!!"
Let's go to the parade and have some fun!!!
How can I resist those eyes!!
OC MD St Patrick Day Parade!!

Love  all the floats

Every parade has to have a man with a funny hat on a 3 wheeler with a camel on the back. Right??

And leprechauns

Green everywhere!!

Children on floats!

Loved this ladies enthusiasm.

Old Fire Engines

Raven Fans

Salty Pirate Girls

Beads Everywhere.
Steve did manage to snag me some beads.

Kids in cars.

More Fire Engines.


I want this old Police Car!!!

The dog need to see over the people.

This is a really cool dude!!!

Who is this handsome Greek god!!
Be still my heart!!!
He still gets me.... in every way.

Life goes on.....

Live every day like it is your last.

Don't forget to visit everyone at Paint Party Friday!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Revisiting an Old Painting and Great News!!!

November 2010 I had the pleasure of taking a Flora Bowley Class.
We started on 2 paintings and I never completed a painting. So I decided to revisit it.
I struggle with this kind of painting. I believe it is less of an illustrative or narrative style of painting. (If that makes any sense). I tend to want to show you how I feel or tell you instead of letting the painting do the talking. I think both Jesse Reno and Flora Bowley have the same style of painting, except Jesse is more manly man paintings and Flora's paintings are beautiful in a feminine way.  Love them both!

This is what the painting looked like after my workshop. Did not like it at all.
But I never give up!!!! Oh no I don't!
Continued working

This is what I have so far. Not completed yet, but I will revisit again.
I do this often. Set it aside. If nothing is coming to me and then come back when I see something. Keep on going.

Also I have some really great news!  I was just told that I will have 3 of my pieces exhibited at the Goggleworks - Center for the Arts - Vanity Fare an offering of Art, Fashion, and Creativity jured by Lyn Godley and Pam Ptak. What an honor!! May 4th to June 3rd. Yay!!!!

And then to top it off I am going to the beach this weekend!!!! Ocean City MD for the St Patrick's Day parade with my fabulous husband!  Oh how grateful I feel right now.
I am so grateful!!!

Watching sunsets on the bay and.....
And sunrises on the beach..(to tell you the truth I don't see many sunrises. Steve wakes me up I look out the window and say "That's nice sweetie" and lay my head back down and fall to sleep, What can I say not a morning person)

Please visit the wonderful artists at Paint Party Friday hosted by the fantastic Eva and Kristin!!

Have a great week everyone!!!
May Joy reach you were ever you are!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

DARE - Happy Women's Day!!!

Dare to be great

Dare to be bold

Dare to challenge

Dare to take a leap

Dare to be the person you were meant to be

Dare to do something that no one has ever done

Dare to reveal yourself fully

Dare to ruffle some feathers

Dare to TRY

Dare to tell your story

Dare to Love

The future belongs to one's that DARE.


Dare to go to Paint Party Friday and take a look at the other artists work.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


It is good to realize that if love and peace can prevail on earth, and if we can teach our children to honor nature's gifts, the joys and beauties of the outdoors will be here forever.

~ Jimmy Carter ~

I started to do a step by step progression of this painting but I got so into it that I forgot and just stopped taking pictures. I used all kinds of good stuff on this one, including molding paste.  One of these days I am going to have to do a video. Nelly bought me a new video camera for Christmas.
So I think she is telling me something.

Everyone please visit Paint Party Friday and check out all the talented artist.
Thanks Kristin and Eva!!
And everyone have a wonderful week!!!