Thursday, May 30, 2013

Winners of Giveaway!!! New News!

Working on a New Painting

 I guess I will tell everyone what my news is. I was contacted by Hallmark!! I guess they are looking for some new art and they would like to use some of my art for there greeting cards.  Soooo excited. I signed the first contract.  Just the first step.  And hopefully they can use some of my art.   EEEEEEeeeeee pinch me!
I did not want to say anything until I signed something and I got my W9!

Very excited about it!

 My Father In Law died in January.  He had been ill for some time so I would sit with him. He and I would talk about my art.  He was a great business man and a true believer in me. He kept on saying to me " You need to contact Hallmark".  Well I kind of just thought " You don't just contact Hallmark.  They have there own in house artist" I would sit with him and he kept saying that my art would be perfect for Greeting Cards.  He always thought Big. (I believe there is a lesson there)  In the back of my head I have this feeling that he had something to do with this.  Charley is watching out for me.  I really truly think he had something to do with it!  Things like this happen to me all the time!  I'm not kidding! I have always felt it. 
It's all about the Energy!!!


I am please to announce the winner of your choice of Shine or Be Bold Print are....

Kimbery S
Karen Smithey

If you could please send me with your chose of print and your mailing info to
I will mail them out to you!!!


 I have been trying to take some photos of my favorite Muses!
My Nieces (Gracey, Maddie, Xylie) and Lulu! 
Future inspiration of paintings. 

I promised them I would put there pics on my blog!!
They agreed to pose for me. (Except Lulu I had to bribe her with a bone)
They are my little lovelies!

 I have also been working on some backgrounds. 

Also I am going to be WAYYYY Busy getting ready for ART ON THE AVE.
Come by if you are in the area!
June 15th in West Reading PA

Guess I will start working now!!! So much to do!!!!

But oh how I love it!!

Have a lovely week!!!

And don't forget to visit the folks at Paint Party Friday!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Giveaway and New Paintings


No Mixed Media this week. 
Just painting, painting, painting, painting 
That is all I wanted to do this week

I got some really good news last week. 
So Exciting!
Can't wait to share!
Will share with you when it is a done deal.
Very happy, Dreams come true kinda thing!!


Also I am going to have another Giveaway!!!!!
There will be 3 winners!!!
Your chose of a 8 x 10 print of one of these paintings!!
All you have to do is leave a comment.
And also make sure you belong to my blog.

I will pick the random 3 winners in 2 weeks on May 29th. (My sisters birthday)
Wooo Hooo!!!!
Don't forget to check out my Etsy Shop.
I have added some new prints.
And throughout the week I will be adding more.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Don't Let Your Dreams Fly Away

Journal Page

Don't ever let your dreams fly away.  Hang on!

Some days it is so hard to keep a grasp.

But just keep on holding

What happens to people is they stop working and give up right before they are going to fulfill their dream.

Hang on for the ride.

There will be bumps and falls but just remember it will make it all the sweeter.

Hang On!!!!!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Open Your Wings - Trip to Providence and New Paintings

Open Your Wings

Easier said then done sometimes.

Some times I feel a little wobbly(is that a word?)

Like a baby bird that is just learning to fly

It has been a difficult journey. (Of my own doing)

I just have to learn how to OPEN MY WINGS. 

And Let Goooooooooooo


Anyway Steve and I went on a trip to Providence RI for a JLC convention that Steve was attending.
What a great trip.  I came along just for the site seeing.
Steve has been to this convention a couple of times and always said he wanted me to come along because he knew I would love the architecture.
So this year since I am on my own (No Corporate Job) I went along.
I just hung out by myself during the day. While everyone else (Nelly,Steve and Mike) went to classes.
It was a blast! 
I forgot my camera, as usual and just took some from my i phone. 

Steve skipped an afternoon class to go walking with me. 
These are just some of the sites

Really Cool Restaurant. Don't quote me but I think it was called 121???

Also I wanted to give a shout out to Sweet Olivia from Craftland
Really Cute Shop I found with all kinds of goodies!
She was so welcoming!
If you ever get to go to Providence tell her that Heather sent you!
Also managed to create some new paintings.

This one is for a Wedding Present 

Also a lot more prints will be added to my Etsy shop.
 Let me know if you have any questions.
Hope everyone has a great week!
See you soon.