Friday, June 28, 2013

Going to the BEACH!!!

New Painting
A little different then usual
I am trying to paint intuitively for now.
Something Different.
I am so excited!!!
I am going to the beach!!!!
I am doing something different again.
I will be going for a month. 
Most likely be home on July 30th.
I am excited but not sure how I will like it.
I have never left HOME for so long.
Not that I am complaining.

Fireworks on the beach all night on July 4th!! 

Sea Food at Fish Tails Yummy!

The smell of the salt air.

Sound of the waves crashing,  lolling me to sleep.

Ferris Wheels and Games and little girls giggling (and some sleepy crying girls)

Kohr's Ice Cream

Sand, Sun and Sweat
Night time strolls on the beach....

First week will be the girls.
Nelly,Heidi, Jamie, Keely, Maddie, Xylie, Gracey, Liz, Maeve
(Jake, Sam, Chase - Grandson's have to come)

Can't wait to see the little girls in the beach for the first time.

They are soooo cute!

2nd week - Me and the Ladies Painting.

Going to work on a new Mermaid Painting while I am down there.

3rd and 4th week with my gorgeous husband with his new toy!

He is so excited about his new toy.  He is like a little boy.
It needs a little TLC but it is all his.

This is my favorite picture of my husband it just shows his personality.
He is a Thrill seeker.
He works hard and plays hard.

So not sure if I will be able to write for the next few weeks.

But if I do not,  have a wonderful July!!

Do something fun!!!

Lots of Love to all!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Beautiful Life and Painting Progression

Beautiful Life

Well I had a totally different post today and I decided that it was just to negative to put out there into the universe.
I cried my eyes out and took a nap and I feel much better.
(And spoke to a wonderful Fellow Artist that got me through it, Thank you Joann!) 

I have to remember that I have a Beautiful Life 

You got to get thru the bad to get to the good sometimes

Call me a Sensitive Artist.
That's all!

So whoever read the last post please forgive me. 

I am just fine now.

Forgive Me!

 My painting is completed. Yay!!

Here is the Progression

 Drawing and painting the faces.

 Added some paper for the dresses

Made some paper for the hair
(My favorite part)

Added the hair and some foliage in  background

 Made some flowers

 Made some flowers and added some more foliage

This will be for sale in my Etsy shop very shortly.
8 x 10 print

Pink cheeks and completed

They are now hanging over my mantel in the living-room.

I think I will call it "Garden Party"
My 2 sisters and I were at the Garden Party the other day.
A long time tradition in our family
Hadn't been there in awhile since my Mother died.

Garden Party

Don't forget to hook up with Paint Party Friday!
Check out all the artists

Thank you everyone who supports me thru the years. I really do appreciated it!

Thursday, June 6, 2013



I think sometimes we forget how powerful we are. At least I do.

We sell ourselves short. 

We keep having to remind ourselves.

We are all powerful.

We have the power to change our lives.

Just with a simple action

We are as powerful as we want to be.

It is all in our hands. 

When I was younger I always thought that my life was pure luck or I was a victim of circumstances. 

But I realized now, it is not. I created my life the way it is today by putting things in action a long time ago.

Step by step. 

Good or Bad it is the way it is because of our choices.

It is all about the choices.
Think about it!


Have a great week! Don't forget to visit the artist at Paint Party Friday!
Also just a reminder I will be at Art on the Ave!!
Come and visit.
I will have lots of originals.
Prints, Postcards!!
See you there!