Thursday, October 30, 2014

Portraits Portraits Portraits

I just wanted everyone to know that I have not drop off the face of the earth!
I have been working hard.
I have been busy. 
Just winding down. 
I was on BCTV on "That's What She Said"  2 weeks ago.  It was a blast.
I enjoyed myself.
Thank you Martha Richardson for the invite.
My sisters have not stopped teasing me since.

But I have decided that I would take a break from shows and things until after January.
My Etsy Shop will stay open and I will be adding some originals. 
I am going to focus on the work. 
That is what it is all about anyway.
Sometimes I forget. 
I have bought me some plaster and wax.
Going to see where that takes me. 
So pleased with the class that I took from Stephanie Lee.
I will be blogging but nothing else but work.
Work Work Work.

And of coarse I have to add some flowers in there!

Also before I leave I want to say Happy Halloween!!!!

Prints of these are for sale in my Etsy Shop.

Everyone be safe.  No Halloween Party this year so I won't have any picks to show you.
Next Year though!!
I am going to stay home and check out the Trick or Treaters!
And it is my Dad's Birthday!!
Happy Birthday to my Healthy 87 year old Father!!
(Please lord let me have his genes!)

My two favorite Birthday Boys.

Steve (my love) had a birthday also on the 24th.
Happy Birthday Steve!!!
Took him to see Tommy Castro.
And we had the pleasure of having dinner with him.
He is a friend of my Uncles.
Tommy has played at my Uncle's Soltice Party.
It is Awesome!!
Steve loves his Blues!!!!


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Home again!

 “The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff.”
Carl Sagan,

These past 2 weeks have been a eventful 2 weeks.
First we went to Donna Downey Studio to take a Plaster and Encaustic Class with Stephanie Lee. 
What a wonderful bunch of girls that was. 
Haven't  felt that connected with such likeminded people for a while.
Donna Downey was the best host and Stephanie Lee was so giving as a teacher.
I learned so much.  It will most likely change the way I work.   So cool! 
Stephanie Lee you are the best!!!

Met so many wonderful people.
Kim Bellar is having a class at Random Arts 
She wanted me to let anyone who is in the area Oct 11 & 12 to sign up!

Look at the cool windows at the Donna Downey Studio.

 Look at all the toys to play with!!!

3 of the pieces I made in class. 
I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could make some more muted pieces. Only one piece has red in it...

I have never left a class with so many finished pieces.

I wanted to tell you about a bottle that I discovered when I was there.
We were doing a Round Robin kind of thing and Donna was writing on all the paintings.
And I then saw it!!! I was in Love with it!!
It is soooo cool it is a plastic bottle with a long narrow tip on it.
You can write and make some really cool marks!

 You put equal amount so of Airbrush Medium and Acrylic Paint.
So cool.
I know it has probably been around for a while but I have never seen it before.
Whooo Knew!!!

Nelly and I went to see Oprah in Newark NJ.
It was so inspiring.
I am still on a high from it!! 

Nelly and I were upgraded to the good seats. 
I had bought the cheap sets. Nose bleeds....
And inside I just knew that we were going to be upgraded.
So when we had our bracelets scaned I was totally shocked when I didn't win!!
I really felt we were going to get upgraded.
And then all of a sudden Nelly started jumping up and down!!!
We were upgraded to the good seats.
We got a free bag with all kinds of goodies in it!!!
Seeeeeee I knew it!!

 First night I got no pictures because my phone decided not to work.
I think it was the universe saying be in the moment. 
Just suck it all up.


Elizabeth Gilbert

Look who I saw when I was in line for the bathroom!!!
Marie Forleo and Kris Carr. 
Kris Carr was adorable she just kept on laughing because I could not get my camera to work.
I didn't want to bother them because some other girl was gushing all over Marie.
 Hey you never know who you will meet at the bathrooms... Right??

What a wonderful 2 weeks spent with my wonderful daughter Nelly.
Couldn't get better then that.
I would be happy doing anything with her. 
I am so lucky to have her in my life.

But it was time to go home.  And I was ready.  

Back to my Studio

Back to my Special Place at the Museum


 Back Home

Back for Maddie's 12th Birthday Party.
Happy Birthday Maddie!
Everyone is blowing.
Maddie is so patient with her little sisters and cousins.


Back to work

Back to journaling

Oh I almost forgot!!! It is Official I am going to be on a  Hallmark Greeting Card!!!
Woooo Hoooo!!!
I signed the contract and received my compansation.
I can't show you the one they picked yet. They asked me not to show until it is out in the stores.  Such a exciting thing. 
Just to say I was on a Hallmark Card gives me such satisfation.
Like I am not just spinning my wheels.

Also Everyone just a reminder this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I will leave you with a song I just heard.    It reminds me of my nephew he was 8 when my sister in law, his mother died of liver cancer.  Her birthday is coming up soon.  It was a beautiful song that made me cry.  
Her death reminds me everyday to live life to its fullest. 
Reece this one is for you.  Love you.

Thursday, August 28, 2014



Feel it.
Feel Love
Feel Lost 
Feel Happy
Feel Sad 
Feel Embraced
Feel Lonely
Feel Triumphant
Feel Defeted
Feel Joy
Feel Sorrow
Feel Connected
Feel Abandoned
Feel Compassion
Feel Rage
Feel Humble
Feel Blessed
Feel Gratitude
Just FEEL it in your heart.

Embrace your feelings.
Whether they are good or bad.
You will find something out about yourself when you do.
 I feel soooo Happy!!! I received these banners from my Sister on my Birthday
I am really 57 now...Tee Hee..

 I feel Blessed when I meditate and watch the shadows on my porch.

 I feel sentimental when I watch my BFF Pat's Daughter get married.
It was so lovely... Such a beautiful wedding spent with Old and New Friends

I feel excited when I pick out my new tile, flooring and counter top for my New Kitchen
EEEeeeeeee I am going to get my Herringbone Hardwood Floors!!!!
I will show you the before and after when it is completed. 
We should be starting in Oct.
Waiting for the Cabinet Makers to come show us the plans.
 I feel nervous when I don't paint something with Eyes.
Isn't that weird???
But it is true.

 I Feel inspired when I see the work that my Nephew Josh is doing.
He is making wonderful furniture and this is just a swing he made for his Daughter Maeve.
I Feel so excited for him.  He is just starting and beginning his career. 
(And look in the background at all those bee boxes. Awesome!)

 “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart”
Helen Keller

Remember that all my 8 x 10 prints are $15.00 for a short time. 

You can find them in my Etsy Shop.
Click on the Side Bar
or Click this Link.

And I will leave you with this song that makes me feel like I got to dance!!!
This songs reminds me of many party's at my house dancing with my 
Nephew Isaac... That boy can tear up a rug......
And it makes me feel gleeful that I will be seeing Bob Schneider in October in Philly!!!
This will be my 5th time!! 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Home Again

Looking for the light

This painting went through a lot of changes.
 I took progress photo for this one.

Sketch and Start the painting on Wood.

Face is starting to take shape.

Just adding some paint to the background
And playing with a crown and some feathers.

Starting to change up some things. Different feathers.
Adding more color to the background.

Changing the Feathers a bit. Making the background dark. 

Change up the background and feathers. They were too dark for me.

Photoshopped the Flowers

Change is good. I know some people have problems letting go or painting over there pieces.  I don't have a problem with it.  It took me awhile but I paint so much that every piece I make I think of it as a learning tool. 
I make something and I don't quite like it,  So I paint over it or rip it up. 
Oh how it makes some of my family members crazy!!!
But that is how I learn.
Just have to do it. 
And not get attached.
It's hard I know. That part of creating was hard for me at first.
Not anymore!!

Well I am home from a long vacation.
It was beautiful, but I yearned for my home.
I missed my house and my studio.  It was a wonderful month full of fun. I am not complaining!
But.... (Yes there is a but)  It makes me appreciate all the people and things in my life.  Things are pretty great!!!  Just a few things I got to do.  

I came home and got to walk in the grounds of the so Beautiful Reading Museum. 

I got to sit on my upstairs patio while the rain fell
Oh how I love rainy days.

I got to see my back yard all a glow with the Super Moon

I got to meet my new Grand Nephew for the first time.
That is my Dad (86) His Grandson Kellen and his Great Grandson Keagan.

I came home from the beach to find my new Glasses and vases from Misty Mawn

I got to hang out with this Lovely Little Lady Maeve and have a Sabika Gathering

 I had the pleasure of having Xylie's Birthday Party at my house.
She is such a special girl. 
Look at that Great Smile!!
That is thanks to the Cleft Palate Foundation
 My Niece is a Single Mother of 3 children.  She has had a lot to handle 
in the past few years.  (And I want to add her Ex-Husband has been a really Great Dad too,Very involved) Going to School, Working Full time and taking care of 3 children and one with special needs.  It is not always easy but she has fought all Xylie's life to get her the help she needs. It has been a tough journey for her but with Foundations like Cleft Palate Foundation it has taken a little bit of the load off of her. And as you can see Xylie is a happy girl.  She has the happy gene.
She makes us all smile. 
I love this picture of her because it shows her spirit!!!
(I am so glad they will be living 2 blocks from us soon)


I am so Blessed to have this life of mine
and to be surrounded by such love!!

Not always perfect but it is perfect for me!!

I am so glad to be home.

I want to share a video of Jim Carry speaking about Love and Fear.
It is Awesome.

I Choose Love......