Thursday, August 14, 2014

Home Again

Looking for the light

This painting went through a lot of changes.
 I took progress photo for this one.

Sketch and Start the painting on Wood.

Face is starting to take shape.

Just adding some paint to the background
And playing with a crown and some feathers.

Starting to change up some things. Different feathers.
Adding more color to the background.

Changing the Feathers a bit. Making the background dark. 

Change up the background and feathers. They were too dark for me.

Photoshopped the Flowers

Change is good. I know some people have problems letting go or painting over there pieces.  I don't have a problem with it.  It took me awhile but I paint so much that every piece I make I think of it as a learning tool. 
I make something and I don't quite like it,  So I paint over it or rip it up. 
Oh how it makes some of my family members crazy!!!
But that is how I learn.
Just have to do it. 
And not get attached.
It's hard I know. That part of creating was hard for me at first.
Not anymore!!

Well I am home from a long vacation.
It was beautiful, but I yearned for my home.
I missed my house and my studio.  It was a wonderful month full of fun. I am not complaining!
But.... (Yes there is a but)  It makes me appreciate all the people and things in my life.  Things are pretty great!!!  Just a few things I got to do.  

I came home and got to walk in the grounds of the so Beautiful Reading Museum. 

I got to sit on my upstairs patio while the rain fell
Oh how I love rainy days.

I got to see my back yard all a glow with the Super Moon

I got to meet my new Grand Nephew for the first time.
That is my Dad (86) His Grandson Kellen and his Great Grandson Keagan.

I came home from the beach to find my new Glasses and vases from Misty Mawn

I got to hang out with this Lovely Little Lady Maeve and have a Sabika Gathering

 I had the pleasure of having Xylie's Birthday Party at my house.
She is such a special girl. 
Look at that Great Smile!!
That is thanks to the Cleft Palate Foundation
 My Niece is a Single Mother of 3 children.  She has had a lot to handle 
in the past few years.  (And I want to add her Ex-Husband has been a really Great Dad too,Very involved) Going to School, Working Full time and taking care of 3 children and one with special needs.  It is not always easy but she has fought all Xylie's life to get her the help she needs. It has been a tough journey for her but with Foundations like Cleft Palate Foundation it has taken a little bit of the load off of her. And as you can see Xylie is a happy girl.  She has the happy gene.
She makes us all smile. 
I love this picture of her because it shows her spirit!!!
(I am so glad they will be living 2 blocks from us soon)


I am so Blessed to have this life of mine
and to be surrounded by such love!!

Not always perfect but it is perfect for me!!

I am so glad to be home.

I want to share a video of Jim Carry speaking about Love and Fear.
It is Awesome.

I Choose Love......


Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Hi Heather, welcome back. I enjoyed this post so much. I am like you as I paint over canvases. It is also how I learn. Great minds and all. LOL Love art, wonderful gardens and a very nice looking family.

GlorV1 said...

Hi Heather. Glad to hear you truly enjoyed your time away. This was a very nice post and I enjoyed hearing about your outings, feelings and so much happiness. Thank you. Great piece as well.

Christine said...

Beautiful painting on wood and a lovely rich post!

Cozycomfycouch said...

Happy PPF! Amazing post filled with life, love and happiness! Thank you for sharing and what a true blessing for all you have written here. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you! Happy PPF and have a glorious weekend!

Nic McLean said...

What a wonderful post. Your painting is gorgeous and I lived seeing the changes it went through-is good to know I'm not the only one to dramatically change backgrounds and colour schemes! Your photos are lovely-what a great family you have-Congrats on the great nephew and happy birthday to xylie!

Claire said...

She's beautiful - I love to see the evolution of a painting...
And what a great family time!
Happy PPF :)
no. 24

Fuzzie Fingers said...

I love to see the process and she turned out great.

Zafaran Art Gallery said...

Beautiful much happening in your life! Love the pics of your patio. Most lovely are the pics of your painting as it went through different states. I agree giving up one layer and not being attached is difficult. But we can do it. That is the beauty and the joy of it. Love how it evolved into a lovely work!

Tam Hess said...

Heather, Oh my goodness your art was amazing..I pinned it ;) I love the process. So inspiring! I loved the vacation pics. Wonderful story about your family. I was moved by the Jim Cary video...powerful! Thanks for sharing. Really moved!
xo Tam

Annette G said...

Thank you for sharing your art and your wonderful experiences Heather.
Happy PPF, Annette x

Tammie Dickerson said...

Your lady's face looks SO MUCH like you! Beautifully done! It sounds like you have had a wonderful, full week, what a blessing! Happy PPF!

Twist of Pink said...

Enjoyed your progress pics of your wonderful artwork. Liked your entire post!

Julie said...

I love all of your progress photos and seeing how much it changed at each step. Really cool! I'm one of those people that has a hard time painting over things...but eventually I do it if I don't like it in the end. I have to "sleep on it" tho and take a break and look at it in the morning to see how I feel about. Time outs are a really good thing for me

Beth Niquette said...

I adore this painting of yours. The girl's face, lips, eyes--they are so exquisitely expressive.

irene said...

Hello Heather, Your post today was the just right thing that I needed to read. Lovely, loving, light and full of life. Your painting is beautiful and I really love seeing your process. Welcome home.

irene said...

ps. thanks, too for sharing the jim carey video.

JKW said...

I had to pass Jim Carrey's inspirational message on to others. . .that was a wonderful introduction into the real world for the graduating class. I love the photographs and your words. The painting on wood is so incredibly beautiful (even though I did like the dark background). Blessings, Janet PPF