Sunday, November 25, 2012

In Spite Of

(New Painting "In spite of ")

In spite of illness, in spite even of the archenemy sorrow, 
one can remain alive long past the usual date of disintegration if one is unafraid of change,
 insatiable in intellectual curiosity, interested in big things and happy in small ways.

~Edith Wharton~

This is one of my favorite poems. It is so true. This painting is called "In spite of" The painting is kind of a portrait of my Uncle Timmy. He is pretty much a living example of living life.  He has traveled all over the world. Self made successful business man. He knows how to work hard and play hard. He lives his life to the fullest, always has. 

Uncle Timmy

Also finished my other painting

She said be gentle and true to yourself

Steve and I celebrated our 25th anniversary at the beach

That is Steve on top of the pole. (And Lulu waiting for him) He still has it in him.
I love this picture of him. 
It just shows his personality. Fearless.

The beach was fantastic. It is so wonderful when you feel like you have the beach all to yourself.

I hope everyone has been doing well. 

These are a few of my lovely finds at the beach

Forgive me for not being around for awhile.
Life has been a bit up and down right now. 
Dealing with a family illness as I said before is not always easy. We just have to learn to enjoy the time that we have with our loved ones. 
I have been getting back into my daily routine of meditating.
That always seems to help get through things.
I do recommend it to everyone.
It quiets my crazy mind.

I have to think about the things that I am most grateful for.

See you soon.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Wonderful September Wedding

Hello everyone!!
It has a been a very busy Sept! 

I was the photographer for my Nephew Kellen's Wedding

I was so nervous!!
That is a big responsibility!!

Cutest Couple Ever!!

Getting Ready!

I just knew I had to get the most important shot!
The kiss!!

And I got it!!! Yeah!!!
This was such a heartfelt wedding.
Not a dry eye in the house.
Tracy and Kellen have been going together for 8 years!
We all love Tracy.
The story is when I first met Tracy(At Nelly's 30th birthday party) I told both my nephews that one of them had to marry this girl!  ( I am pretty sure I yelled it) 

Needless to say Tracy was a little embarrassed!

 I knew she and Kellen were perfect together!

There is such a sweetness about both of them.

Kellen takes his time.

And we were waiting and waiting and waiting!!!


Mr. and Mrs. Kellen McElroy

I am so happy for them both!
He loves her so much..

And they walk into the sunset
(Not really I just made them walk that way)

Who wouldn't marry this girl!
She is beautiful inside and out

I really like the way these pictures turned out Tracy's beauty and the crumbling walls.
Such a contrast but so beautiful together

My Sister Heidi and her Men
Josh, Heidi, Kellen and Larry
She was so proud!
Me too!

My Beautiful Little Girl Nelly Bell and Sammy Wam.

Take a look at this shot. Look closer!!

My beautiful daughter misbehaving!
My sister Heidi had to point this out to me.

Bad Girl!!! 

My Big Beautiful Family!
A lot of them missing.
Who knows where my Dad was???

Tracy coaches a college Lacrosse Team.
These are some of her peeps with the Photo Booth props.

Photo Booth Madness!!!
I wish I had more pics of this!
Too much fun!!

Cake time??

Me and my Sisters!
We are so happy!!
My favorite people

And my other 2 favorite people!
Liz (Other McElroy Wife) and Stellani (Cousin)

Heidi is so happy! 

(Didn't take very good action shots?? They got a little loopy)

I love this picture!
This is the boy I know and love!!
He is such a special boy to me. He knows why!
I adore them both!
What a special day!

He did good!!!
And they lived Happily ever after......
Too be continued.....

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Just a little Mish Mash of things from August

I am working on a new painting. Just in the beginning stages with this one. I was in a bit of a funk (life gets in the way sometimes) but the ideas are starting to flow like water. 

I will show you when I am finished. This one is going have a lot of stuff !
I know what I will be doing on my long weekend. 

This was my Birthday month.  When my husband and I got married (25 years in November)
We use to celebrate my birthday month.  And then went to my Birthday week .  We are  now down to a Birthday Weekend. 
I had a wonderful time. I went camping. Yes, I did say camping, In a Tent!!!???
Yikes!!! Don't think I will be doing that again.
Next time it will be a Cabin.

Nelly made me Pork Barbie Q. Ymmmmmm

And my favorite!! Wacky Cake.
Looked just like when my Mom use to make it for me. 
My daughter is the best!! 

A couple days later we had a Birthday Party for Xylie. 
She is just the Cutest Munchkin

A girl of many hats. She is such a girly girl. She is styling. 
(Love this pic of her)

A couple days later we had a Birthday Party for Xylie. 
She is just the Cutest Munchkin
She was a little sad because the people were not at her party yet.
I told her to be patient that they were coming.
And they did. 

No one can forget Xylie's Birthday!

And for the end my month Nelly and I had a festival at Landis Valley Museum. 
It was a very laid back kind of day.
All my girls came out to visit!

Tomorrow is my first High School Football Game of the Season. 
I can't wait!
This is always my favorite time of the year. 

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Double Rainbow and Birds

So sorry everyone for not being around much in the past 3 weeks.  We have been dealing with some real crappy life issues.  The kind you think you are prepared for but let me tell you " You are never prepared".  If you have ever gone through a parents illness you will know what I am talking about.  I have been in quite a slump.  

 We did  go to the beach with Heidi, Nelly and the boys.  That was beautiful. It rained almost everyday but that doesn't matter when I can look out at that ocean. It never ceases to amaze me. I will never get tired of that view and feeling the awesomeness(I do not say that word lightly).  Sunrise on the beach and Sunsets on the Bay. We even had a double rainbow.  It was so beautiful. I have never seen one that I could see end to end. Steve and I both looked at each other and started to cry. We talked about how lucky we are and how beautiful life is. (I did see a double rainbow over Target one time, Hmmm Do you think that is where the Pot of Gold Is????)

I did manage to get some work done. 
I have started some bird paintings. Not quite finished. 
Still need to add some details

I found this Old Self Help Book that I pulled out the pages for the wings.

Still a work in progress

I did one of these before in my Circle Journal. I decided I needed to make a painting. 

Just having fun with birds

I almost think I should name them. 

Like Huey, Dewy and Louie????

Hope to see you soon. So sorry I was away so long. 

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