Monday, September 27, 2010


(From left) Silvia, Ivy, Nelly, Me, Heidi,
(Bottom row) Beth, Beth, Louise
(And also Ann-Marie Still not in picture)

We all took the Kelly Rae Flying Lessons ecourse and someone started the Facebook page and then Louise organized the get together in Hoboken. The funny thing about that is that before this was supposed to take place. I kept telling my husband I was moving to Hoboken.  Hmmmm.  What does that mean???
Anyway we had a lovely time. Everyone seemed to click right away.
What a perfect day!

In Hoboken looking over at NY, NY on the Hudson

The girls walking with our bags that Silvia made. Perfect gift with our new logo on it.

Thanks Louise for hooking us up.
Hopefully this will be the first of many hookups.


Louise Gale said...

hey! So glad you guys came along, we had a blast, oh yes there will be many more meetups to come my friend....and many more dirty martinis im sure. ;-) x

Heather said...

Love the dirty martinis!!!!