Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

I wanted to give you a glimpse of our Thanksgiving Day. Every year we go to my sister Heidi's beautiful house in the woods.  Beautiful cozy home may I add. We are very blessed. It was a little sad because my niece did not bring her girls.  I was sooo looking forward to seeing them. I just hope they are safe. And everything is alright with them. That is all that matters to me. That they are safe. So it kind of put a damper on the festivities. But we all had a beautiful dinner and I am grateful that everyone else was there. We are sooo blessed with a wonderful supportive family. 

One of our traditions is a "Thankful Tree" every year we write a little something on the leaf and hang them on the tree.

Here is Steve helping Jake and Sam put theirs up. This is what Jake put on his thankful leaf.  "I am thankful that I go to another school so that I am not with Sam anymore and he can't bug me"   Brothers. I told him that one didn't count. He had to also put a good on up. I don't think that ever happened.

Sam and Jake grazing

Larry cutting the bird every year.
Liz giving a cork screw lesson. Tracy figured it out.
Father and Son. Larry and Josh. Heidi's men.

This is the kids table. They are not so much kids anymore.

Old people table. Minus me and Heidi. I am taking pictures as usual and Heidi is behind me taking pictures. Tooo funny. Next time I am going to get someone to take pictures of Heidi and I. We do exist.

The whole gang. After dinner we pass around questions in a bag and we all have to answer them. It causes everyone to interact and communicate. Then we have riddles and jokes that the little kids read and it is so much fun!

No words necessary. Yummmmmm!!!!!

The Mess.

Dad and Fritz getting ready to watch football.
What is with men and taking pictures????? It took me about 20 shots before I could get a half decent pictures. Not one wanted to behave. Even Cooper (the dog) They were like kids! Got to love em!
I love my family!

I Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was wonderful too!
What traditions do you have. Tell me about them. I would love to hear. I love hearing what other people do with there families


Heidi said...

I love this post! I'm reliving Thanksgiving all over again. At least you got a good picture of the men. In every photo I took of the men someone is giving bunny ears to someone else. hahaha

Debbie said...

I love the tree idea and everyone saying something they are thankful for. Today I would say I am thankful for my lovely little warm house, on a freezing cold snowy day in London :-)