Monday, November 29, 2010

Let Christmas Begin!!!!

Seasons Greetings

I am so excited about Christmas. I love Christmas art. I love all the Santa's, Elf's, Angels, Christmas Trees, Snowmen, Three Wise Men, Jesus and Mary's , Shepard Boys, Stars and all the fun Holiday Art that can be made.  It is so much fun. This month I am going to try to post as much Christmas Art that I can. No pressure! Just fun stuff! This little Santa I made for everyone 2 years ago. It was fun. Actually I like gluing all those gems on the frame. I am weird like that. I like to do mundane things like that. I can get lost in it. Crazy I know. I hope you like the first holiday painting. There will be more to come! I love Christmas!!! Oh my! I am so hokey!!!! I can't help myself!!!

Happy Holiday!!!!


Heather said...

oooh, I love your excitement. i am with you, I love christmas! i am looking forward to seeing more christmas art from you! xxoo

Diane said...

Now this is cool!!--I love the embellishments--I love to embellish! Now that I've started to shop--I'm getting into the Christmas spirit--I love to shop too!!

EVA said...

What a fabulous Santa!!

Kristin Dudish said...

This is great - I love the jewels and the shimmer... it makes it so festive - I can't wait to see more of your Christmas art!



Hi Heather,
First of December tomorrow - so Christmas is getting nearer! I love to hear when people like Christmas!
Best wishes,