Sunday, November 21, 2010


Let's start with saying how much I love Flora Bowley. Her paintings are just gorgeous. So my Daughter Nelly, My sister Heidi and I found out that Flora was going to be in our area (Media around an hour away) teaching a workshop. It was so great. She is the best teacher. She basically says that you have to try to paint without purpose. This is something that I struggle with. I struggled with it in Jesse Reno's workshop and I struggled in Flora's. But by the time I left I think I got it.  Now these paintings that were produced are not my favorite works. But I learned so many valuable lessons from this class.  I know I have to let go.  One of the lessons was to paint on the others artist canvas's. It was so freeing. We would paint on one canvas and then switch to the next persons canvas. Just let it gooooo or flowwww.  I needed more time with Flora. You can just feel the creativity. I did not take any pictures of Flora but Nelly did you can visit her blog at . Or go over to Flora's website at . Just amazing!!!!

This one is my favorite one. Like I said I struggled to let go. It came at the end of the class. I need at least a 2 day class with Flora!

This is the favorite part of my other painting.

Like I said not my best work. But I learned so many lessons.

If anyone has a chance take a Flora Bowley workshop.

Love Her!!!!

I had such a fab day!


Leslie Avila said...

Stunning Girlfriend!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mary said...

Oh my gosh! that first painting is absolutely gorgeous!

Diane said...

This is what I would love to do--go to a workshop and let go. I went to her website--what a wonderful,colorful artist--thanks!

Jenny Blair said...

Flora is such an inspiration! Thankyou for sharing your beautiful paintings:)

dthaase said...

wow - I really like your style - nice work

Kelly Lish said...

Hi Heather...I'll be taking a two day workshop with Flora in October and I'm sooooo excited about it! I think your painting turned out beautiful!