Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Help I need some advise!!!

I wish I could find this material again. I have a small piece from my mothers materials 
6 chairs

Ok I need some advise. I need to know what everyone thinks I should do with this furniture. Should I have it refinished?? Should I leave the way it is Shabby Sheek??

This is furniture that was in my mother and father's home. My mother bought this furniture in an antique store in town. It was a very dark wood. This was in the 60's when everyone was painting furniture different colors and antiquing them. Kinda how they are doing it today.  I had a guy who refinishes furniture give me an amount to have it refinished but I am reluctant to do it. My Uncle tells me to leave it the way it is. After we finish the house and get all the rooms painted. (SEE Prior post May 2010 our new old house) It will look fabulous! I am torn.

The funny story with this furniture is that I have always wanted it. My mother had promised me when they would leave there home that I could have it.  Well this was the joke for a long time with my sisters.  AHA Heather gets the dining room furniture and Jamie(sister) gets the piano. Funny Funny!! Like it was ugly furniture. I loved it! I love the mexican feel of it. (My parents lived in a old stucco Mexican style house).I thought it was great, they thought it was funny. Anyway the sad time came when we had to divide my parents belongings and we did very well with it until the dining room furniture came up. It was 2 days of going thru all my parents belongings.  Dividing it up.  Did you ever hear the Carly Simon song The River when she sings about fighting over the pearls ( I cry every time I hear this song). Well we fought over the dining room set. It was the only argument we had at that stressful time. It was at the end of the 2 days of going thru their things and we were all tired & sad. We decided to go home and regroup come back the next day and start all over. When my sisters came back the next day they decided that I should have the dining room set. It was a sweet moment. I love my sisters. So anyway that is why this dining room set is so special. No pressure! Just need a little advise. I am so torn.


Beth Nicholls said...

Heather, I just read your May post about your new house and how you wanted it all your life. What an amazing story with the old woman and the broom and the lift inside it! So happy for you to have it now. This furniture is very cool. My advice would be to go with what your heart tells you, or alternatively get some inspiration from here http://www.designspongeonline.com/category/before-and-after !!

Diane said...

Personally, I'd leave it the way it is, because it's beautiful, and it's part of your Mom and Dad. But in the end, like Beth says--follow your own heart and listen to it--you'll decide then. I'm off to read your May post.

Beth Nadler said...

I just LOVE the furniture the way it is--beautiful!
Your house is stunning!!! I'm very jealous. My husband
and I have to call someone in to change a lightbulb.
And Carly's song made my cry.

Jenny Blair said...

I'm with everyone too!...I LOVE this furniture as it is, really gorgeous! However on reading each of these comments if your heart is going "mmmmmmm, not so sure.." then you've got your answer!! :)
I'm delighted to have discovered your blog! Your artwork is beautiful! :)

Debbie said...

Me too. Love it the way it is!

Sunny Carvalho said...

I think the furniture, just the way it is, is calling to your heart right now. My opinion is to wait. See what the rooms look like after painting, after thought...after a little time. You can always decide something later. Give your parents lives honor for a little while and just enjoy the gift of memories. And then follow your heart in making it all your own by changing the color (if you wish). I don't believe in keeping something the same just for the sake of sameness though. Make it your own and love the memories! Show us pics when you decide. Thank you for allowing us to be a little part of your decision.

SaraLynn said...

This furniture is absolutely gorgeous! The details are just incredible and I love that ivory color... I might reupholster the chairs if the fabric starts to get beat up, but I'd leave everything else the way it is. Really beautiful. You are lucky to have such fabulous pieces!

Laura Pallatin said...

Hi! It all depends on your creative process. For me, I like to mull a project over in my mind untill I've got it pretty much figured out. Sense the furniture is already pretty, I would just enjoy it as it is, and give yourself permission to change it when you want to.

Congrats on your new home, blessings!
-Laura P.

Pamela Holderman said...

I so agree - the light color plays up the highs and lows of the design - wouldn't change it. You could put it against a dark wall color to really pop and go with linen on the seats to blend or find more floral like you wanted. Oh the possibilities are endless!