Wednesday, October 13, 2010

You, My Love - Frank Sinatra and Doris Day

Movie Night!
Ok, everyone who knows me knows that I am a hugh fan of Frank Sinatra(him and Eddie Vedder, go figure, very diverse) ! I have had a long love affair with him. (In my mind) Ahhh that voice just gets to me. A lot of people do not know that I wanted to beeeee Doris Day. Gorgeous Lady. So classy. And she had the greatest butt. Check it out sometime. These are the only movies that my mother ever took me too. We would take the bus into town together. The last Doris Day movie I saw with my mother was "The Glass Bottom Boat"I think she also wanted to be Doris Day. (She was pretty close). I just adore this movie. I mean it is no dramatic earth shattering movie. It was just simple love story with great music. You got get it and see it.

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