Saturday, October 30, 2010

Leaning on a Friend - Sound of Music

Leaning on a Friend

This is the painting that is in the Pasticcio Quartz  Issue 10.  I wanted to wait a while to have it on my blog. This is a very special painting to me. Right now it is a "Hello Bluebird" in West Reading. 
Yesterday I was watching the Sound of Music Reunion on Oprah and I was in such an emotional state. It brought so many memories back to me through the years.  It was a movie that when I was a child my entire family went to the movies (Even my dad) and we saw this glorious movie and then we went to a special restaurant and I had a drink called a Shirley Temple with an Umbrella in it.  We of course bought the soundtrack and we listened to it all the time in our house. My sister Jamie played the piano and these songs would of course be some of the pieces she would play.  I would put the album on our little green and white record player and fall asleep to it. When I was in high school we had to sing a solo with Mr. Lechner the music teacher and Sound of Music were the songs I sang. Then at least once a year my sisters and Nelly and Keely would watch and sing the entire movie. My girlfriends always said you have to experience watching the Sound of Music with the Lippincott Girls because we not only sang but acted it out!
It is a movie that has some how changed my life in so many ways. The message of the movie is so wonderful.  Well anyway what I am getting to is the funny thing I was thinking that the first important publishing of my work has Ironically been in a publication that one of the Sound of Music children publishes. Brigita! (Angela Cartwright) She was my favorite Von Trapp child. I love Angela Cartwright and it is funny how the she has made one of my dreams come true!
Isn't life funny!
I will forever love the Sound of Music!
I can't imagine that someone has not seen it. But if you haven't you should.
I grew up with it. It has touched my life in so many ways.

Some where in my youth or childhood I must have done something good.
I love that song!!!
You have to see it!
Make it a family tradition if you haven't yet!


Petra Kern, handpainted design said...

Dear Heather! Sound of music means everything you wrote to me too :) It is just such a sweet movie to watch. Plus I was really attracted to the paining you begun this post. Love, love, love it!!!

Linda R said...

I love that movie and watched the reunion on Oprah as well. I can't sing a lick - AT ALL, nada.

The painting is absolutely beautiful!!

Valerie Hart said...

Sweet Heather! What a lovely post and The Sound of Music holds such a special place in my heart too because it is one of the memories I have as a child, of going to the movies with my Dad. The whole family. And I saw the Oprah special too! It was wonderful to see them all together!! Thanks for sharing such a lovely post. Your painting is just beautiful!
xoxo Valerie