Sunday, October 3, 2010

I told you I would be doing some more Halloween paintings. I have been so busy with other things in the works. How exciting.  Anyway, this will probably be my last for a while. It took me a while to complete.  I would do a little here a little there. My sisters kept on coming up stairs in my studio to see if I had done anymore work on this . I love that they get so excited to see what I am up to. So I decided that I better get cracken because Halloween is right around the corner. Also Steve is turning 50 this year on Oct 24. So we are having a bash. So this will go nicely on my mantle in the diningroom.  Oh how I love Halloween!!! I tried to make them look a little ghostly.  I say it is a self portrait of me and Steve. Except I don't have green eyes and Steve doesn't have a mustache and my hair is not grey(thank you hairdresser) So really it doesn't look like me and Steve at all. Oh well.


NatashaMay said...

I love these faces! :) Gorgeous painting!

Laura Haviland said...

Heather I found your blog. LOL
I love your Halloween portait, you two are darling. Fabulous !!!
I am going to enjoy following you.
Have a wonderful day,Hugs Laura.

Heather said...

Thank you Natasha!

I am so glad you found me Laura!!!! I hope you enjoy! I love when people leave posts!