Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Steve!!!!

Last night I had a birthday party for my husband. He knew he was going to have a party but he did not know that I was inviting a bunch of his old school mates from days gone by. I told everyone else to come at 7:00 and then I had called Bell to have her round up the troops. Well I will tell you that is was great. Worked out fantastic. They came trughing through the back yard at around 8:30. And he face was priceless. At first he looked like he was confused. And then all of a sudden he realized what was happening. To follow these are the pictures of the reunion. He was so trilled. And I finally kept a secret from him! I did good.

This is unsuspecting Steve with the guys in the backyard at the fireplace.
Here comes Griz!!!

Steve said it was like being in a dream!

He couldn't believe it!

Their parents are so proud of all these men. They all turned out pretty good considering what they were like in the the 70's. They are all successful business men.
I am so mad at myself that I did not get more pictures but I was trying to take pictures and quest kept arriving. And food had to be put out. There were people in every room. So when the party really started I was to busy to take pictures. I can only hope my sisters got some good ones
These guys came from all over the place and stayed in hotel. Except Griz he stayed at our house on the couch. As usual.

Thank you Dan, Griz, Jerry, Fred, Mitch and Bell for making Steve's 50th so special!!!!
And all our fabulous other friends and Families that are in our life .
The ones that are there for Steve and I . What a great group of people that we surround ourselves with.  We Love You All!
 This was some of the regular quest. Mostly family watching the Phillies game inside.What a bummer!

My husbands friends and golfing buddies Kurt and the one trying to kiss Kurt is my husbands BEST friend and son in law. Silly guys.

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