Thursday, June 26, 2014

Freedom to be me

 Freedom to be me

  Free to be me... to work just be who I was meant to be.  No chains on me. I am very fortunate.
My insurance job was an means to an end.
It served me well.
Getting use to the idea that I have no one but myself to work for. 
It is hard to find the balance.
And hard to make myself work sometimes.
 Because it is such a fine line between them.
Because now I love what I do. 
I also love being able to take care of myself.
I have lost 20 lbs since I have been working on my own.
My feet feel great!! Makes a difference.
I was a long distance runner in my 20's and 30's.
Sometimes running 6 to 8 miles a day 
I was one of those nuts that loves to run.... Oh how I love it!!!
Running damaged my feet. I had Achilles Tendon surgery on both feet.
(So be careful all you runners)
It took a good 4 years to recover. Because they had to do them one at a time. 
I can not run anymore but I can walk.
It is wonderful!!!!
Sometimes I see people running and I envy them!!!
Oh well.... I had those days and they are over. 
My walking days are here.
Woooo Hoooo!!!
I guess I am rambling!! Sorry about that! 

 I now see the world as it is.  Beautiful!

I have had this painting done for a few months. I couldn't figure out what I wanted to say.
It came to me because of a situation that happened this week. 
I won't go into details. I will keep that for myself, but 
it inspired me.  I realized what I was yearning for isn't really a real thing. I  see it so clearly now....
What was I thinking???
Anyway I think there are so many moments like this in our lives.  When we realize how fortunate that we truly are.  My life is Beautiful just the way it is. Imperfect and Crazy as it is sometimes, It is perfect for me.

 Had a wonderful time at my Uncle's annual Solstice Party.
Sister's, Best Friends, Cousin's and Niece.  Girl Power!!! (Except Baby Keagan in Tracy's belly)

"Art On The Ave"
Beautiful Day to have a show.
(That is Nelly Bell in the back, She's a good girl she helps her Mama)

Also everyone!!!!
Vacation Sale!!!
Just for one more day.
Tomorrow is it!!
Will close at 12:00 am
My shop will be closed until August 2.
All prints are for sale!!!

Or click on the sidebar link.

So I will leave you with this fun song.
Makes me want to dance!!!

Freedom means you are unobstructed in living your life as you choose. Anything less is a form of slavery.
~Wayne Dyer~

 I will be on vacation for the month of July.
Can't wait until the little girlies come down!!
You will most likely hear from me in about 2 weeks.
I will be blogging from OC MD. Yippey Yay!!!
Have a great holiday whatever you do, Whether it be going to the Ocean, or the Mountains or staying home and getting things done!!

Let Freedom Ring!!!


DVArtist said...

Heather this is a fabulous post. Congrats on the 20lbs. Glad you can walk. I do know what you mean about "feet" ha I have lupus feet so there are days that walking is a chore.
I love what you have done with your art and the sayings. Art, crafts, girl power what fun
Have a great weekend

GlorV1 said...

Hi Heather. Enjoy your vacation and I'm glad that you can walk. My intentions to do some walking are quickly coming my way as I work on a walking area out back. Great post, awesome art and beautiful words.

Abigail Davidson said...

You art is gorgeous!

froebelsternchen said...

I can really understand all what you wrote about walking.. I also was running in my youth.. and later up to my thirties.. but now ( 50) and I had a double break on my lower leg with now an intramedullary nail - it took me months to learn walking and going again..)
I really think that walking is the best for us human beings- we are not meant to highspeed and competitive sports-
to much sports can kill you
I walk nearly every day with our can see and enjoy nature by walking so wonderful- o.k. I am to loose at least a couple of pounds but I don't care too much - feeling well is not to have the perfect weight -
it's for me to have the perfect soul...

Happy Friday-

love your painting as well!
I ordered linocut tools to start with linocut as I enjoyed your lessons so much at SoulFood!


Helen Campbell said...

Your paintings are wonderful. Both speak to me. I also was in insurance for the majority of my working-for-others career; definitely a means to an end. When working for yourself, the balance between work and your non-work life can be a challenge. Not insurmountable, though. Happy PPF!

Valerie-Jael said...

Great post! Valerie

BrownPaperBunny said...

Such a great post. I love your first painting, her eyes are so alive and expressive! Happy PPF!

Laila said...

I really like the first piece in your post, it's beautiful. Happy PPF.

Unknown said...

Leved reading your post. It's a hard life but we have to live it and love good moments.
Enjoy your vacation!

PaintingWrite said...

What a great post-uplifting and positive. Sometimes we need reminders to be grateful for what we already have. I love the idea if a solstice party! Your work is beautiful as always and congrats on the weightloss-working for yourself obviously agrees with you!

Karla B said...


My name is Erika. said...

I took a look back at your blog for a few days and was enjoying your paintings. The I love the moon one is a favorite. Love the idea of a solstice party. Hope you had some good sales at your fair.

Julie said...

I think this may be my favorite piece from you yet! I love all of that bright red hair with that lovely green border. I will share your sale one Twitter to try to get the word out! Sorry to hear you can't run anymore but I'm very glad to hear your surgeries went well and you are still able to enjoy walking. I LOVE walking. Helps all the stress and worry melt away. Happy PPF!!

Rita said...

Heather, I love your art in this post, both are great! I struggle with running...I so want to run, I love it when it feels good and it's so effecient at keeping me in shape but my body just hates it, I go from injury to injury. I walk mostly, but I try to sneak in runs here and there.

Faye said...

Heather, I love the red haired girl. She looks like your profile photo. I am not a runner and don't even enjoy walking. However, I lived, ate, dreamed, played tennis in my younger days and wish I had kept it up. I had an injury that required therapy so I quit. I have a friend who is 80 and still plays competitive tennis.

Christine said...

Beautiful art, inspiring post.

Victoria said...

HI kindred..thanks for shining your magic..super beautiful art..meaningful and spirited..I enjoyed everything you shared..I am happy you are happy and I feel the same sentiments about you beautifully expressed/ is perfect for me. Enjoy your vacation..wish I was a your solstice party looked fun..
Hugs and sparkles

Annette G said...

Thank you so much for such a great post.....truly inspiring. Of course I love the artwork Heather and thank you for sharing the photos. Enjoy your vacation. Enjoy the weekend, hugs Annette x

irene said...

What an inspiration and ball of energy you are, Heather. Congratulations on all that you have done to forward your life. I used to run every day but the joints have rebelled but I have found replacements that are very fun and satisfying. Have a lovely week.

Bev said...

What a delightful post Heather love your affirmations and paintings....

JKW said...

Change is difficult and accepting it even harder, especially when we are loving the life we have before we have to change. You did good.. .. I am so glad you are happy once again. Many Blessings, Janet PPF (love the red hair, oh my.)

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Congratulations on your spotlight at PPF! I love your artwork work and admire the fact that you were able to make a living of it. Following your dream can definitely be of benefit to your well being. I would love to do that, but with two girls in college I'm not ready to take that step. Blessings!

Alicia C said...

I am very drawn to the face with the wonderful red hair. I have recently started doing more exercise which involves some running and I am always cognizant of all the ways I could damage myself. Thanks for the warning!

Anonymous said...

you are such an inspiration, you just make me happy so happy when I read this, beautiful work, beautiful you!

Julie said...

You are invited to share this with Feline Art Friday: