Thursday, February 17, 2011

In the hopes of reaching the moon men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet.

Albert Schweitzer

This is the perfect qoute of the day.   I have to learn to slow down and stop and see the flowers at my feet.  Believe that my dreams (of reaching the moon) will come true   Slow down. Do what I enjoy. And it will come.


Leslie Anne Avila said...

This is gorgeous! You are a huge inspiration to me!
Thurday blessings,

P.s. I've been giving painting/ mixed media a whirl. So super satisfing.

Heather said...

this is a great quote, heather. I agree, i need do the same.
i LOVE the painting, too! have a great slooooow day! he he he!

Bren said...

What a great piece and an inspired quote, a winning combination. Just love the nuances in this one, all the splats and waving lines. The way you painted the butterfly and flower it feels like it's moving. Don't forget, to reach the moon took more than just one person, so keep your eye out for those who are there to help you on your way :-)

Msartist said...

Hi Heather! So pretty and lovely quote. I happen to be sharing some butterfly photography today!
Are we in sinc or what? lol Have a wonderful weekend! ~Theresa

Beth Nadler said...

I love the quote and love this artwork!

Jess said...

We must be channeling each other because I just wrote about this. It's so easy to get caught up in the busy tasks of business, and forget about being happy and feeling fulfilled. I hope you find your balance.

g. said...

beautiful quote to keep in mind and a beautiful image (one of your creations?!) to go with it.


oh yes.. how true. A practice I am doing as well...slowing down and things will fall into place. Happy Weekend my friend ♥