Thursday, January 13, 2011



I had to post this picture and say a few words about hugs! Lets say I come from a very touchy feely kind of family. WE HUG. We can't help ourselves.

Well anyway, the teenager in the middle being hugged is my grandson Jacob. Argh!!! He is typical teenager, brewdy, moody, don't touch me kind of kid right now. On New Years Eve we had our annual party and of coarse Jacob(moody teenager) is outside all night with his friend skateboarding on the front sidewalk. He came in and I don't know what happened but we decided to grab him (because we knew he doesn't like to be hugged) when my sister Heidi snapped this picture of us squeezing him. Well what she captured is priceless. It proves he likes hugs but he can't admit it. Look at that grin on his face.
All I want to say to parents out there is never stop hugging your teenagers. Even if they don't want to. They need it at that terrible hormonal time. They don't know if they want to be a kid or a grown up. They are stuck in the middle. It is a way to keep them connected.  When so many kids are on the wrong path make sure that they know you are waiting for them on the other side of that path. Always stay involved in your kids lives. You will know when to let go.

( OH NO I am a typical Grandmother pinching  Sammy's cheek. What's with that????What have I become????)


Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, so lovely to hear form you, thank you!
Heather was one of the names I had on my list for my daughter, Hannah. Beautiful name. Loved seeing the family group hug,it is a wonderful photo and see everyone so happy. We didn't hug as a family when I was little. I learnt hugging from Penticostal church. Pastor once gave a sermon on greeting one another with a brotherly kiss and a hug. So as a church we started to hug one another when we saw each other. I brought it home and we still hug. Changed our family so much and I'm still grateful to pastor for sharing this. We had a saying, that if anyone went stiff as they didn't want to hug, they are like a 'roll of lino',lol!
My hubbies parents don't like hugs so I feel so odd standing there saying goodbye to them. Like it seems like your depriving them of love.
You keep your lovely family hugs, there wonderful and thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful loving moment!
Loads of love!

The Hermits' Garden said...

I'm a hugger too. You're so right about teenagers--or even those touch-me-not types in general. They need the contact, the affirmation, even while they're telling themselves they don't.
Thanks for the virtual hug this morning!

Beth Nicholls said...

this post just made me smile! hugs are precious

Diane said...

:) :) :)

miz katie said...

haha! You got him alright!! I love the smile on his face. :)

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Heather,

What a great photo! I am so happy Jacob enjoyed the Hugs!
I love hugging too! :)

Christine said...

This is priceless, Heather.

Gloria said...

Hi Heather. I come from a family of huggers too. Great photo. Have a great weekend.

Heather said...

I love giving my kids hugs, even when my oldest refuses, we laugh and giggle and get her HUGGED!
cute photo, Heather! xxoo

Cheryl F said...

What a wonderful post!! {{hugs}} are soooo important. As my neices grow..( I have no children of my own) their hugs get fewer and less Aunt Cheryl(that's me) always stops them and makes them REALLY Hug and hold it for a few seconds, then I say...NOW thats a HUG!! Doesn't it just feel wonderful..and they always smile and say...yes..your right it really does...makes me smile!!
Nothing like a good meaniful hug!!! Have a wonderful day!!!!


Hi Heather,
Smiles, laugs and hugs - all important things to keep doing!!
Warm regards,
Ingrid xx

Aspiring Kennedy said...

hilarious. i can't keep off my nephews either. they are getting old enough where they aren't as cuddly... ah, it's heart breaking!