Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Look at all the money. In Luray Caverns!

We went to Luray VA to see Isaac play baseball. He plays for the Covington Lumberjacks for the summer until he goes back to school. 
It was quite an interesting trip. Beautiful countryside. There are alot of mountains.
On the way in the middle of nowhere was this Restaurant called Sonny's. It smoked its own BBQ and grew its own vegetables. There coleslaw was to die for . My grandson has a thing about rating the coleslaw from 1 to 10. No one has reached 10 yet. There is a local place in West Lawn PA that has a 9.5. I did not think we would find anything better but it was so fresh. The coleslaw as crispy. Yummmmmmmmmmm. Well Jake as usual had a talker on and he told the waitress that story and she had him come in the kitchen to meet the Chef. He thought that was pretty cool.

This is our moody preteen.

Mural at Sonny's

Our pretty boy (Not a moody teenager yet...)


We then went to see Isaac play baseball. Both the boys got to be bat boys. They loved that. Jake stopped in the middle of the game and of coarse found the cute young girls to talk to. You know that is a big distraction for a 12 year old boy. Ohhhhh somebody help us! Hormones are raging. We only got to see Isaac for about 15 minutes and he was off on a bus to the next game. Oh to be a baseball player and on the road. I guess it is worth it since Isaac has the love for the game. Thats all that matters at this time. He is only 20. We are so proud of him. He is a hell of a baseball player and he made the Deans list at Franklin Pierce.

Isaac playing first base

Jake flirting with the girls

Eveyone had to wear the hat even Isaacs proud mom.

This picture sums it all up "Small town baseball"

Sammy giving me a dance.

Isaac signed baseballs for Sam and Jake

Jake does not look inpressed.
He loves his Isaac.

Next day we headed to breakfast at a little place called Rainbow Hill. It was like being in another world. We were the only people there. It was like having breakfast in your own home. They were old hippies. He had a long white ponytail. They told us they moved there in 1971 and the were ready to retire. We found alot of goodies to take home.

While we were there we could not leave without seeing the Luray Caverns. This was unbelievable. The Natural Beauty of this place is unbelievable. It takes an hour to tour the Cave.  It contains a bey of stalactite and stalagmite formations. (Do I really sound like I know what I am saying, NOT REALLY) Gorgeous! Just look at these pictures.  They can not even show you the beauty of this place. 


Anonymous said...

I love these pictures!! Luray is not far from where Casey and Tony live...maybe a round trip is in our near future too!! Miss you lots Aunt Heather!! Love you!!

Heather said...

Love you too Liz!!!!!