Thursday, June 10, 2010


This table is my magic table. It started out as an old picnic table that we had.  That Steve was ready to take to the dump.  Well I had other ideas for it. I started painting this table when I was waiting to see if we got our new/old  house. It consumed me. Every night I would come home from work and sit at this table and paint it. I kept saying to myself as soon as this table is painted I will have my house. I manifested the house in my life. And as soon as I was finished I got my house. It may sound weird but I truly think this is my magic table All I can say is it was the first piece of furniture that we moved into the house. (See my house prior blog post).
This table has seen so much love. We have had so many parties with so many family members and friends that I can't even count. We have played poker and flip cup on it. Had many a meal on it.  I love my table. It has brought such great fun in my house. 


Grace Mendoza Egea said...

Wow! Inspiring! :) Thanks for sharing.

Ajae said...

Ooooooh,aaaaaahhh.... I want one : )

parvinp said...

wow it is great