Tuesday, June 29, 2010


                                      I AM FRIGHTENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My daughter gave me her old sewing machine. This is one thing I have not mastered. I am serious! When I was in high school and we had Home Economics I was terrible.  I had to make a jumper. We were supposed to put a zipper in it. We were allowed to take it home and do it. We were supposed to wear the it the next day.  Back then polyester was all the rage. Well anyway, I just sewed the back of that jumper up. Who needs a zipper???? I just squeezed my skinny ass in it.  It looked great. But Mrs. Bass my Home Ec teacher did not think so. I think I got a C. I also tried to make a halter top. Oh my. It had 2 sides  for the breasts. One side was a Double D cup  and the other was a A cup. NOT SO GOOD. Something about me and sewing machines do not go together. It was pretty bad because my mother was the best seamstress in the world she made all our clothes growing up and prom dresses, wedding dresses, Our dads coats. She was awesome. Me not so much. It did not rub off.

But things are going to change around here!

I will tell you I will master this thing. I don't know what I am going to do with it. It may not be traditional sewing but it will be some kind of sewing.



The Botvins.... said...

Is that the machine that Nelly sews paper with? Haha! I'd bring it to Keim's in West Reading for a tune up. 1/2 the success of sewing is knowing how to work your machine, and that the machine is working well. Start small, and you'll do great!

Amy Sullivan said...

~Make up your own rules now, with sewing.~Start w/ some bags or pillows, made from lovely fabrics.~You can do it :)

Amy Sullivan said...

my comment has me w/ a group blog I joined years ago, not my personal bloggy~ www.theheartofaseedamy@blogspot.com
don't know how to make it use my blog.~:)

Heather said...

Yes Rebecca it is!!! Help!

Amy I will be starting very small!