Thursday, August 29, 2013

Listen and you will see

Listen and you will see

Some people probably do not know that I meditate.
But I do, as much as I can fit in.
Some weeks not so much and other weeks everyday.
I sit in my quiet space
And I listen
I can always tell when I have not meditated for a while by the way that I feel.
That talking in my head 
I don't think clearly and I am not in the present moment.
I think off the cuff.
I don't sit with what I am feeling at the time.
I act impulsively.
And sometimes I get the outcome that I am Not seeking.
 So I painted this painting to remind me to Listen and you will see.
I will hang this painting at our vacation home just to remind me.

Listen and you will see

Slow the chatter in my head
Listen to what I am saying to myself
Think good thoughts
 Change the negative talk to the positive.
Think good thoughts
 You become what you think you are.
Positive thoughts in, Positive results are created
Law of the Universe

This is how the painting started. 
It was an old painting that I was constantly working on...
I have no problem painting over other paintings. 
(much to the chagrin of my family)
Never get attached.
Cover all of that other painting
Lots of circles
Starting to take shape
some more details
 Didn't like all the pink


Still may tweak it a bit????

Also painted another portrait
My favorite thing to do!

Had a wonderful art filled few days!!

Hope everyone is doing well! 

Have a wonderful rest of the week

And remember to just..........




Marji said...

Wow, gorgeous! So true that we do have listen to see. Something that is definitely worth thinking about on a daily basis.

GlorV1 said...

Just beautiful Heather. I like that we have to listen to see. Food for thought. Thanks.

Lynn Cohen said...

fun watching the evolution of your art piece. good thoughts positive thoughts listening learning doing being creating loving life living life doing Wellness Personified!

Rita said...

Who knew there was a painting under the painting? It's beautiful, so detailed! Love the portrait, too. I don't meditate, really. Not sitting still at least. I try to meditate while I walk or do yoga, not sure if its the same as doing it sitting still. I need to try it!

Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

SO LOVELY to view....I enjoyed looking at your work, today!

PaintingWrite said...

I love this post. I had never meditated before I had my reiki stage one attunement a couple of months ago. I never knew how to shut off the chatter in my brain but now I try to do a reiki self-treatment/meditation as often as I can or if not on myself then I sit with our grumpy adopted cat and do it with her - it's so peaceful and it makes me feel euphoric. I try much more now to block the negative things in life from getting to me as it's so easy to suck all that negativity in and I don't want that in my life any more. You're so right about putting positive energy out there and getting energy back again. I love this painting and that you have no problem painting over old paintings - I've done it a couple of time but always with a little tinge of regret even if the old painting hadn't been working for me!Beautiful portrait as well.

Giggles said...

Excellent post and gorgeous artwork!! I don't meditate in a conventional way but rather sit in the bath to still my mind...and sure enough I listen and many things come forth!!

Hugs Giggles

sharon said...

I love thzat Listen to see. Your work is wonderful, I really like the portrait.

Anonymous said...

Great post. Love seeing your process and you're letting the painting talk to you about what it wants to be! Happy PPF xox

Kate Robertson said...

Just listen, that is so important. Your painting is just full of wonderful energy. I love all the colors and textures and the eye is fantastic. I loved seeing all the in process pictures. I paint over canvasses too, Usually because I stopped working on them and they don't speak to me anymore. I find it better to cover them up and begin again.

Your portrait is beautiful, she just glows off the canvas.


Ivy said...

Your art this week is stunning, love both pieces!

Unknown said...

Wow, this is GORGEOUS! I really love all your work! Thanks for the process photos!
Happy PPF!
Heather Santos
Sparrow's Journey Blog

Anne Manda said...

Love both pieces, the portrait is very beautiful, love your style so much! <3 I meditate, but sometimes I suddenly forget about it for weeks - then start to wonder how I get so scatter brained... and start again. :)

ann @ whimsyville said...

I love the depth of painting over something you don't feel linked to. Love the eye and the dream catcher. So beautiful. Happy PPF

Faye said...

Heather, your rehashed piece is simply gorgeous and a great reminder to listen and see. I love the sharpness of the details. And the subdued pinks are better than the step before you did that.

Pilgrim said...

Hi Heather, this is a wonderful post. Your work is fantastic.

bellefrogworks said...

What beautiful art work. I just love seeing the process you go through. Because I am not always a good listener - I sometimes miss the point. LIsten and you will see is a lovely painting and a great reminder. The portrait is beautiful.

Ginny said...

The details on this piece are amazing. I love everything about it.
I really enjoy the guided meditation we do at the end of yoga. I often sit quietly and take a deep breath as I become calmer and calmer. It is a wonderful feeling.

Unknown said...

Love your girls. But this painting is just AMAZING!!

kat said...

Your art and words are so comforting Heather, so happy to have visited here, your work is beautiful!

denthe said...

Don't know how I missed this post last week. It is GORGEOUS! love seeing the step by step, and that portrait is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Studio Kaufmann said...

Happy PPF!! I love your work. It is so unique and original and it was fascinating to see the process by which you built up your work. Really inspirational.

Teresa Arsenault said...

Wonderful advice. I love that your under-painting is like a heart still beating under the finished piece.
congrats on your feature at Paint Party Friday.

Neesie said...

It's my first visit to you Heather and I'm so happy I'm here ;D
Your paintings are just amazing...I'm in awe. You're so talented.
I think you might also have hit the nail on the head...I always have music or noise around me.
I'm going to try and listen!
Then maybe my artwork will improve...I'm hoping so anyway :D
Have a fabulous week and thanks for the inspiration!