Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Ornament Exchange and LuLu

This is the Christmas Ornament that I made for our Exchange group. I also did a Red one but I forgot to take pictures of them before they were sent off. I was so worried that I would not make it. This one is going to the Host of the Ornament Exchange Louise Gale. I will be sending it out tomorrow.  I have only received 2 of my exchanges so when I get the third I will post them and show you what I received from the others. This was so much fun. I would suggest that you all join one next year. It is so much fun getting a little package in the mail and the anticipation waiting to see what it is.  I have them on my tree.

Also I want to show you my dog LuLu. I named her LuLu because of a cartoon character that I loved as a kid. I had the LuLu books.  I wanted to record somewhere LuLu at this moment because in 2 days she is going to get scalped. She is getting very knotted. My Dad doesn't want us to but we have to. I think she has animals growing in there.  But anyway she is so cute. She doesn't like getting her picture taken. She gives me the stink eye every time. But here she is in all her lovely fur!

This is her favorite spot. She is just the coolest colors. She is part Parti Poodle (Brown and White spotted) and English Golden Retriever (White) That is why she has white all through her.  She is just the coolest dog!

Here's LuLu giving me the stink eye.

I love her beard. They usually do a great job at saving this. (She is really giving me the stink eye here)

People and their dogs. Aye!  I just love my dog!


Paula said...

I love the feathers in the ornament. Lulu sure is a cutie!

Attic Rat said...

LuLu is the queen!!

The ornament exchange sounds like lots of fun!!


Heidi said...

I love your birdie ornaments, they turned out great!

Lulu is so adorable! It makes me sad that you have to cut off that beautiful fur. I love the way she looks.

Mary said...

You have a very cute dog! What a great coat she has it's too bad you have to have it cut. I love it just as it is.

That's terrific ornament you made. If the others you sent out were like that I'm sure the recipients will be very very happy!

Jenny Blair said...

heehee! I Love Lulu and her stink eye :)
And what a fantastic birdie ornament. The details and feathers are gorgeous :)

Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

Hi Heather! It's nice to meet you! That is the cutest little bird ornament. I love it's little attitude that shows up in it's eyes... and Lulu is too cute. That stink eye, that is hilarious! You know they say that dogs and their owners often resemble one another... Have you got any animals growing in that mane of yours??? hee hee I'm kidding, your hair is gorgeous! and so is Lulu

Thank you for joining my blog, did you see the giveaway I have going right now? Come on back and enter, you can until Friday night.


I'm following you back cause you sound like the kinda people I like! ;)

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

I love your dog - we have a standard named Sophie - she would love LuLu!!!
your work is beautiful!
cheers, dana