Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I don't know where to begin or how to describe Artfest. It was amazing. I have a mixture of exhaustion and exhilaration. There was so much creativity in this little town in Washington. The people where amazing.

My Sister Heidi and my daughter Nelly packed our bags and took off from Philadelphia to Seattle. It was perfect. This was the 2nd time that I flew and it was scary. Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway. We traveled all over Seattle. We saw the Space Needle(Had lunch at the Space Needle), Science Fiction Museum and Fish Market. Took a ride on the monorail. Went to SAM(Art Museum).
We then went to Tacoma to see the Chihuley(Did I spell that right?)Museum. That was closed but we saw the bridge and the Federal Building with his art. Beautiful.
We then went to Port Townsend and spent the night at a cute little hotel. The town was so cute with all its little boutiques, coffee shops and restaurants. We road around town and looked at all the Victorian houses. And we all tried to pick our favorite one.

At this point we were all so excited we knew that in a few days our lives would be changed forever.

We arrived at the Fort and we went to our dorm room with our 3 bunk beds made up with our pillows and blankets. We sat on our beds and just giggled like little kids. We could not believe that we done what we had set out to do and we made it to Artfest. Traveled across the United States to do it.

We meet so many beautiful people that all came together for the same goal. To make Art. It was so awesome to be with all these people that understood me and understood the passion that I have for Art. And feel the same way. We spent 4 glorious days of making art and friends.
I can't even describe the beauty of it.

In a few days I will have some pictures to share. I am still coming down from my high..........

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simplydelicious said...

My goal is to do an Art retreat....I can't wait to see your pictures!!