Thursday, February 20, 2014

Camptown Races

Embrace Change

Below are some Altered Old Book Journal Pages.
I did this week.
Full Circle Class. 
Misty Mawn
Love her! If you ever have a chance take a class.
She is always inspiring!

Also you know I have to tell some kind of story.
So this is my story for this week.
On Friday Nights we always go to our Neighborhood Tavern.
We see neighbors and old friends. 
Always have a good time.
We have a lot of colorful friends that we sit with and have dinner and talk about anything from Politics,Religion, Kids, Family, Etc.
Well sometimes these conversations get a bit heated. Not everyone thinks the same way. Its just how life is. We respect one another for the different opinions.
 Well anyway our friend Bob said that in his family every time that something gets heated or they come to an in pass they start singing "Camptown Race". After you are done you can't be mad anymore. It's not possible.
So that is what we did. Every time the conversation got heated we started singing.....
Camptown Ladies sing this song!
Do da Do da!
Camptown Race five mile long!
Do da Do da!
 Goin to run all Night!
Goin to run all Day!!

I know it is soooo silly!

It was one of the best nights!!! I am not kidding it works.
You just can't be upset after singing that song!!
So remember if things get heated sing Camptown Races!
We did a lot of singing.
Song is in my head!!
It's something about the "Do Da's"

I know you all think I am crazy... but it works!!

Also I just wanted to let you know I was just contacted by Somerset Studio and Somerset Studio Gallery.
I will be featured in the May 2014 Somerset Studio again for my Owls. And then in June I will be in the Somerset Studio Gallery with my Ballerina!
I am so trilled and grateful beyond belief!!!
I am having a dream come true kinda life this year!!!


Have a wonderful week and don't forget to sing!!!!!


Abigail Davidson said...

Your journal pages look so lovely! And congratulations on the publications!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

A simply wonderful face and fantastic pages.. I can imagine how fab it is to join Misty Mawn's classes.. my friend Patty told me about what wonderful event - she enjoys the workshop too.
This tip to loosen up hot discussions is simply great - but not the best for some people .. ( if I imagine to do this with my hubby..oh gosh! -lol)if we are able to do this in such a singing/swinging/happy way.. we are on the right way ...not crazy!
Congrats on the Somerset publishings ..thrilling!

Lynn Cohen said...

Love the fun art, the story for maintaining ones cool, and huge bravo for being published some more! HPPF!

denthe said...

Your journalpages look great! Sounds like you had a fun night out. Although I think after a while it would start getting on my nerves .... Depends on how fast they start singing I guess ... ;-) And oh yes, congrats on your publications! That must be a great feeling!

Kokopelli said...

Congrats on the Gallery Features! That is great. And I love "Embrace Change". Such beautiful colors in that one. Happy PPF!

Saskia said...

You're so creative! Beautiful work!

Smiles, Saskia :)

Netty said...

Great story Heather, congratulations on your success. Love the pages with their intricate formations.
Happy PPF, Annette x

Giggles said...

Congratulations Heather on the somerset spread...good for you!! I love love your art and that story!! What a grand Idea I will remember that if I get in that situation!! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

Hugs Giggles

Julie said...

That's so funny!! It's probably true that you can't stay mad after that song. I can never stay mad at my hubby because he will always get me to laugh. lol! Congrats on being featured in a studio! That's exciting! Love your work!

EVA said...

Congratulations on all your publishings! Great journal pages - journaling sure can be fun and enjoyable, can't it! ☺
Your Embrace Change painting is gorgeous.

Linda said...

fabulous journal pages and such a gorgeous portrait at the top! Sounds like such a fun night and what a great way to break a heated conversation:) I'll be looking forward to seeing your art in Somerset-congrats!

Diana Evans said...

oh Heather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! these are so beautiful!!!! love these every single one made me smile today!!!

MeOfCourse said...

Congrats on being featured! You so deserve it. Love these journal pages. It must have been a really fun night and I like that song.:) I'll remember to use it when something comes up. Oh do dah day. tee hee.

Anne Gratton said...

You are such an inspiration! Love your work! And Congrats on the publications! Soooo exciting!

Christine said...

lovely work this week, congrats on your somerset successes it must be very gratifying. Thanks for sharing your funny story. Great idea.

Faye said...

Such a wonderful variety of well-executed journal pages, Heather. I love the profile art so much.

Renee said...

Love your journal pages! Congrats on the upcoming publications, such a thrill to be in such great magazines. You certainly deserve it.

Fuzzie Fingers said...

Your journal pages are fantastic!

Sue Marrazzo said...

Heather, I am enjoying your honesty in your blog!

Kate Robertson said...

Loved your little story. Congrats on the publication by Somerset. It is so fun to see your work in print .

Tammie Lee said...

congratulations on Somerset! Wahoo ;-)

Your art is such a joy to see, each piece.

I love your song story, so fun.

Renee Dowling said...

Somerset magazines are favourites of mine. It will be so great to have your art in my hands! Congrats!

Your Camptown Races story is so fun! I will have to try this, especially during staff meetings or during parent meetings... well, maybe not, but at home, for sure.

I can see you in your art, your ladies resemble your picture!

Thanks for being brave and sharing with us all.

Margik said...

Fantastic works! Love your journal pages.

pauline said...

oh Heather, you don't sound crazy at ALL! Maybe we should all use this sing-a-long when things get heated. We'd certainly smile a lot more. ;-) Your work is beautiful! You are a wonderful artist! So glad you're sharing with the world. xx

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Your art is so wonderful. Several really stood out for me. But I love your story this week.