Thursday, January 23, 2014

Open your eyes and live

Mandala (Open your eyes and live)

 Been really busy this week.
I am taking 2 classes this year.
I am taking Misty Mawn's "Full Circle"
And Lifeclass 2014
Well I am having a blast!
I love Misty Mawn
I have had the pleasure of taking 2 live classes with her in Port Townsend WA at Artfest.
Something about her Vulnerability that I love.
You can see it in her Photographs and her paintings.
If you ever get a chance to take her class DO IT!
Also Lifeclass 2014 I had to take it this year so many fun teachers.
With different styles and perspectives.
Lovin it!! Carla Sonheim was last week.
I didn't get to look this week because I was busy with Misty's but I will get to it!!
I really think that you should continually take classes and surround yourself with artists.
Every Artists has new way of looking at things. 
You keep it fresh.
There is always something new that you can learn.
I will never stop learning until the day I die!

Mandala (That's My Desire)

Just wanted to remind people in my area if you are looking for the Somerset Studio and you can't find it.  I know they sold out at the Barnes and Noble in Wyomissing. Someone told me that they are ordering more copies. And also there was one copy at the AC Moore in Wyomissing.  Someone tell them to order more!!! If not you can order it on line. Click on Somerset Studio.
Hang on to it. I will be having a Spring/Summer open house this year.
I can sign it for you, Just bring it along!

I have been listening to this album
It was so hard to pick one song to put on here.

I hope Everyone is doing well!! I wanted to thank everyone for all your kind words!
I Feel So Much Gratitude to all the people that support me!!
It is a great way to start my new year off!


Faye said...

I love the gorgeous colors in the open your eyes mandela.

Marji said...

The mandalas are fabulous. I also loved the music - will have to listen to more of them.

Lynn Cohen said...

Wonderful mandalas! Wow!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

You are so right with what you say Heather! Since I watch all the free videos on you tube ( since 3 years ) I have learned so much and I love love love to see and hear what others create and how they think ...
wonderful life can be if we are interested in arts.
I love both pieces you show here- they are so much more than Mandala inspired.. wonderful artwork!
Happy weekend!

sharon said...

Great mandalas.

Netty said...

Loving your wonderful mandalas Heather. Congratulations on being published. Annette x

Mari Huertas said...

Ideal her mandala, and you're right: never, never stop learning curiosity and the ability to know is what mantine us alive and enjoying our surroundings. Saludos

Julie said...

Great mandelas! The first one is my favorite. I like the quote!

Cozycomfycouch said...

Really beautiful!

Abigail Davidson said...

Very inspiring pieces, so vivid and lovely! Happy PPF!

Christine said...

that first piece is very striking!

Diana Evans said...

this is so beautiful!!! all of your work!!! well done!!! Wishing you a warm and cozy and Happy PPF!!!

MeOfCourse said...

Hi dear Heather. Beautiful Mandala. You did a great job. I'd like to learn the technique but am busy trying to learn houses. tee hee. Nice job. Have a great weekend.

Beverley Baird said...

Love your mandalas! Great video as well - never heard of Kodaline.

Rita said...

Wow, these are excellent! So much detail! Gorgeous! said...

Beautiful mandalas Heather. I love the colours you have used. It seems that 2014 will be a very positive year for you with the online courses and open studio. I believe what you say about being involved with online activities is very true. Sometimes the courses can become quite expensive but there are also lots of free challenges to keep anyone inspired throughout the whole year!

Renee Dowling said...

Open you eyes and live is such an important message. The eye mandala is very eye catching! Amazing pattern and symmetry.

Paper rainbow said...

I love this Album too! Great artwork too, thanks for your sweet comments made at my space. :)

denthe said...

Such a lovely mandala and very wise words. Love the eye. And the music ...

Fuzzie Fingers said...

Lovely work. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments.

Danielle said...

Very nice paintings!

Paperfection said...

Such beauty! Love your mandalas!