Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bewitching Hour

Bewitching Hour

Happy Halloween!!!
This is my most favorite time of the year!
When all the trees are changing to orange, red, purple, brown.
Piles of leaves to jump into.
Candy Corn, Caramel Apples, Popcorn Balls.
Smells are wonderful, Burning leaves, Apple Cider, Candy
Witches on broom sticks
Pumpkins made into Jack o Lanterns.
Hay bales, Corn Stalks on porches, dried corn hanging on the doors and Mums in pots.
I remember the Halloweens of the pasts and the future ones to come
Costumes, Masks, Face Paint.
Children with smiling faces coming to my door. 
Chill in the Air
Squirrels and chipmunks running around gathering  nuts preparing for the winter.

Oh how I love it!

In our family there are so many Birthdays! Steve(today), Jamie, Keely, Isaac, Dad(Halloween Baby), Reece, Darylanne, Betty's Birthdays.
We have been singing Happy Birthday Every week it seems!
So blessed by my family!

Here are some of my other Halloween Prints that are available in my Etsy Shop

I would rather have the treat

It is also the Anniversary of my Mothers death.
11 Years I have been with out her.
It seems like yesterday.
I would like to dedicate this post to her.
She is why I am the person that I am. 
I was watching Soul Sunday on OWN and I saw this short film 

Super Soul Short: How a Long Hike Led One Man to a New Passion
When architect Brad Goldpaint's mother died suddenly from a routine surgery, he was left with a huge void in his life. He decided to hike the Pacific Crest Trail in search of answers, and he found one—in the night sky. Watch to see how Brad turned to photography to process his tragedy.

I watched this on the day of the anniversary of my mothers death. It was so poignant.
 Please take the time to watch it.
It is very inspiring.

Everything that happens in your life, good or bad adds value to your life.

Use it!

Much love to all!

Thanks for stopping by.

I hope that somehow I can add value to your lives!


linda snader said...

Heather, your mother must have been one exceptional lady and to be blessed with a loving talented daughter that you are, what more could she ask for... our mothers never leave our sides. she knows the heights you've attained and I'm sure she is oh so proud!!

On a lighter note... your new holloween print is beautiful!! this is indeed YOUR season!! Enjoy!

Sue Marrazzo said...

Ahhh...Your MOM is always with you.
Thanks for sharing everything.
YOU are an awesome artist ( :

Christine said...

Happy Halloween to you and your family, may your mom rest in peace!

Tammy N said...

Love everything about your witches!
Happy Halloween and PPF.

Miss Marple said...

Simply speechless...unknown hugs and dispite all a happy PPF! - Irma

denthe said...

Wonderful Halloween-pieces! Thnx for sharing the video! Hugs, your mom is watching over you ....

Nic McLean said...

I love how you described this time of year in your post - I could practically smell the candy and feel the leaves crunching underfoot! I love that Halloween is such a big celebration in America - we try to do it here too but it just doesn't seem the same somehow! I think the fact that your leaves are crisp and dry helps - here they just turn into a big soggy mush!!
Happy birthday to Steve today - sorry it is also the anniversary of your mum's passing but hopefully it will evoke only good memories of her and all the wonderful things she passed on to you.

MeOfCourse said...

Love your Halloween print. Your work is very unique. Thanks for the video. Your mom is always with you and watching over you. Pleasant memories.::hugs::

Debbie said...

What a beautiful post and lovely tribute to your mother. All of your paintings are wonderful, but I especially love your first lovely witch. Her face is amazing!

Linda said...

I certainly can tell that Halloween is your favorite- your witches are amazing!! Lovely dedication to your Mom. I believe our loved ones are always watching over us.
Super Soul Sunday is my very favorite OWN series and I watch it faithfully. So many words of wisdom and I love the "Soul Pancake" shorts too.

Gillena Cox said...

happy Halloween

much love...

bellefrogworks said...

My mom died last October (the 12th). I miss her so much. This is not my favority holiday - but I love the colors associated with this season. Your prints are so lovely and fun.

Debbie said...

i enjoyed the beauty in the video...i am always in awe of God's creative power! I also enjoyed your fun paintings, and I hope you find joy this season even though you are missing your mom.xo

NatashaMay said...

Your girls are adorable as always. :)

SLScheibe said...

That was a great post :) And your art is just superb! I adore the first witch with her sweet curly hair! So cute!

Carol said...

Your Halloween art is fantastic and THANK YOU so much for sharing the video. I lost a childhood friend last week and the video was very appropriate for me at this time.