Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!!

Every Halloween friends of ours have a Halloween party. Sandy always has some kind of great invitation. This year was so unexpected.  This is what I got in the mail. When I first read it for one split second I thought what is this? The blood rushed from my head. Then I realized it was one of Sandy's great invitations. See last years post and invitations. VOODOO Dolls


Then a week later when I did not RSVP. Because I am really bad at that!
This is what I got!


Sooooo clever!!

Here are some highlights and costumes from the party!!
We had so much fun!

Care Bear Tamer!!

Clock Work Orange Guys.
Check out the cups.

I love his eyelash!

Tara and Don!

A lot of spanking going on!

Roller Derby Girls.
The Hosts!
Brian's boobs would stay up.
Where are the rollor skates??

Maren and Ken
Cow People!

Peanut butter eyeballs! Yummmm!

Hulk and Jailbird.


Mod Squad

Zombie Jenn

Lori the Ninja

Cave People

And the whole party was blessed by the Nun and the Priest.

Everyone have a safe and Happy Halloween!!!!!!


Pointy Pix said...

that is brilliant - such a cleaver party invite! I love all the costumes - it looks like a huge amount of fun at those parties!! Hope you have a great time at this one!

Rosie Kaplan said...

Hi ~ If you ever ever have a chance to see Byron Katie live DO IT. I spent 1000's of dollars to go the the school and it was worth every cent. There are so many really profound prcesses and I have dropped some stories I have been carting around since I was 7!! It was just delightful to be in the room with her. She IS enlightened and totally ego free and creates such a safe environment!! Love Rosie

Cameron said...

OMG! I loved that whole invitation intrigue!!! What an amazing idea....hard to top for next year!
What a great party!

craftattack said...

That looks like a wonderful party from start to finish! Valerie

Clare said...

Oh my - what fun it all looks. We don't really do Halloween in SA - but I have noticed in the last few years more decorations at this time. It looks like a riot wish it would catch on here. Don't know if I would have liked getting that finger in the post - very grizzly.

Diane said...

Now this is what I call Halloween!! (starting with those very fun invitations) I Have to admit that Clockwork Orange is on my all-time list of favorite movies (I know--I'm a bit sick)--soooo--loved those costumes!

Bren said...

LOL, you had to know it was going to be a great party with an invitation like that, and I love the follow up threats! Looks like everyone showed and you had a blast.

Geckostone said...

Wow, what a crack up! The party looks like a blast!Deb

Magpie said...

Wow, looks like a fun time! The invitation (and the followup) is amazing. So creative!

Mary C. Nasser said...

Very clever and grizzly all at the same time! :)

Happy PPF!!
Mixed-Media Map Art

Kristin Dudish said...

This whole post cracked me up! Fun, fun, fun!!!
That punch bowl is so great and disturbing all at the same time! Ha!

Happy Halloween!

Gloria said...

wow, that's some party! Great photos! Happy PPF! And Halloween.

WrightStuff said...

what cracking fun and what an amazing imagination your friend has - especially with the follow up reminder!!!

Netty said...

Terrific invitation and fab photographs, so much fun. Happy PPF, Annette x

Christine said...

what a fun party and a great invitation! Thanks for sharing!

EVA said...

What creative invitations - looks like a fun time!!

Anne said...

What a super fun party! And I love the invitations. So clever!

Happy PPF!

carlarey said...

Clearly you hang out with some super fun people. I am in awe of that invitation.

Diana Evans said...

what a super fun post!!! that finger ....yikes....scared me!!!! pretty cool....and I love all of your photos!!!!what fun!!!!

Happy PPF and pop by for Sweet Saturdays!!!!


SHERI C said...

Fabulous idea and technique for invitations. Happy PPF!

Manon said...

This looks so much fun, those party invite are such great idea but i guess it scared the pants of you?

Theresa said...

Looks like a blast! Love the invitations. Happy Halloween!

Kristin said...

Now That's a party!! Best invitation ever - LOVE the second warning! Thanks for sharing Heather, xoxo

miz katie said...

LOL Best invitation I've ever seen!! It would have scared the pants off me, at first, too. The party looks so fun. Lucky you!

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Heather,
Great photos I can see everyone had a blast! :)