Thursday, April 10, 2014

Put Some Bling In Your Life!

 Add some BLING into your life!!

Doesn't have to be a fancy head dress like this little lady
Although I wish I had one of them.
But do something different.
By Bling I mean a hop in your step. A twinkle in your eye.
What's inside!! Not on the outside!
Remember there is only one you.
And you matter.
Make people happy to see you.
Make yourself Bling and Sparkle!
If you are carrying negative energy with you, people can feel it.
They can sense it right away.
At least I can.
I can feel it when I am carrying it around. It just doesn't feel good.
And my life doesn't go the way I want it to go.
We all have our own problems, I get that!
But let it go.
Get rid of the Drama!!!
Put some BLING in your life.
And just see how you feel.
It will make you feel much better.
Even if you think the world around you is crumbling.
It will soon be a reality!!
I am not kidding!! Just Pretend!!
Whatever energy you put out in the universe is what you get back!
 Put some Bling in it!!!!
Come on..... Do it....

Journal Pages for the week.

“It's not what you have on the outside that glitters in light, it's what you have on the inside that shines in the dark.” 
~Anthony Liccione~

See you next week!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

I Can Reach for the Stars

I Can Reach the Stars

Reach for the Stars all of you.  I have come a long way since I realized that I had it all along. I just had to do something about it.  It isn't always easy.  Scary at times.  But if you try and you keep at what ever you want to do you can do it.   Sometimes what you think you want and what you actually want is really different.   You have to search deep inside.  I am constantly searching and trying to better my life in someway.
Whether it is reading book.  Visiting somewhere that I have never been before. Talking to someone that can stretch my mind and teach me something new. 
I am far from perfect.  I make mistakes!! Lots of them in my lifetime!
But you get right back up and keep on going. 
That's what life is all about.
That's Living your Life.
Live It!!
Don't just let it happen!!! Go out and get it!!!
I made a new Owl..... Shhhh don't tell anyone it is a Present for a New Baby....
And don't forget my Owl's will be in the May Issue of Somerset Studio.
Did I mention that before???  wink ;) wink ;)

I have also done some journaling this week in my Old Book Journal.
This has become my favorite journal to journal in!
It's falling apart but it so fun...

I will leave you with what I am listening to right now. This minute!

Have a great week!!!

“What you have to decide... is how you want your life to be. If your forever was ending tomorrow, would this be how you'd want to have spent it? Listen, the truth is, nothing is guaranteed. You know that more than anybody. So dont be afraid. Be alive.” 

~ Sarah Dessan~

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Be An Original

Sabika is having a "Be An Original" campaign the month of April
10% of the proceeds go to a Charity of the Consultants choice.

My daughter Nelly is a Sabika Consultant. 
I love the jewerly!
I wear it all the time.
I can't get enough of it!!!
I want to eat it!! It's that beautiful!!(Just kidding I really don't eat it ;)
I can't tell you enough good things about this Company.
I had the pleasure of being a guest at there Conference in Pittsburgh.
And also had the pleasure to meet the CEO Karin in King of Prussia
Truly inspiring! I know we tend to use the word inspiring a lot in this culture but her story is amazing.  The adversity that she went through to get were she is today is TRULY INSPIRING. She is working on her Biography at this time. 

If you read my blog you will know that Alzheimer's is an important charity for my family.
See my prior post here.  Alzheimer's
It makes me weep when I think of the great minds that we lost from this disease.
Including my Mother. 
I made this Mixed Media painting just for this campaign.
Purple is the Official Ribbon for Alzheimers. Also the purple "Forget Me Nots" are the official flowers.
And of coarse I had to add a little bling around the neck!!! Love Sabika!!!


I will be giving everyone who makes a purchase of Sabika at my house on April 26, 2014 a print of "Be an  Original"  Also at the end of the party, we will draw from a hat and whoever's name I pick, the Mixed Media Painting will be going home with you!!! Framed and ready to pop on your wall!!! Wooo Hooo!!!!
And just for coming you will get 6 of my postcards!!!
So please come and support the cause!!!
And plus you get gorgeous jewelry and hang out with some really wonderful women!!
What more could you ask for!!!
If you are to far away you can contact Nelly.

It you are interested in any other information you can contact Nelly at
She would love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful week everyone!!!!
I will be working on Owls this week!!!!
I love my Owls!!!

Below is the Documentary of the Family who created Sabika

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Flowers and Things

 Working on some Mini Canvas's for my Open House in May.
Not sure exact date.
Coming soon.
My Owls are going to be in the May Issue of Somerset Studio.
So I can sign copies for you if you bring them.

Do you notice the theme??
This is the first Winter that I have really yearned for it to end.
I am not sure why.
I don't know if it is because of all the snow ! (But I love snow!) 
I need the sunshine.
I feel restless.
I need to get outside.
I need lots of flowers!!
I miss them. 
You can get them at the store but there is something about growing them.

I have also some how started to have a new found love for painting in my art journal.
Not that I didn't journal before but it has become an really important thing in my life.
It helps me work out some things in my art and life.
 Working on Life
 Working on some fun characters 

While I am working on my journal I play my music and just get into it!

This is one of the songs that has really touched me.  I can cry every time I hear it.
Who in this world has not had to give up on someone. 
I know I have.
Sad song but so beautiful.
Everyone have a wonderful week.  I hope I don't make you cry with this song.
But here it is.

Thursday, March 13, 2014



Know first who you are; And then adorn yourself accordingly

It has taken me time to realize who I am as a person.   Everyday it changes. I think I know what I am doing and who it is I want to be.  
I think maybe that is what life is.  It is a long journey and we get to change and grow everyday. 

Then I think how do you define a person???
Is it the way they dress? 
Is it what material things they have accumulated? 
Is it there religion?
 Is it there political views? 
Is it their status in their community?

I don't think it is. I think how you define a person is how they treat other people.
Do they treat their family members with respect?
Do they make you feel good when you speak to them?
Do they treat people that are down and out with respect?
Are they kind to animals? (Important one for me)
Every person needs respect.
Everyday I learn something new about how to treat people and how I want to be remembered when I am gone.  I am getting better at this as I get older. 
I am not saying I am a perfect person....Far from it!
But I have to say that everyday I try to make an effort in being mindful on how I speak to people.
Not always successful! (I forget my filter..)
I try to listen to what I say. 
I try to be open minded. (Key words)
I try not to be so opinionated.
Which is very difficult for me sometimes because I come from a line of strong women. 

(With lots of opinions. And we all have different ones. Hence, the loudness on Wednesday nights when we all get together and sit around the dining table and talk things out.  We have been doing this for many many years. Not always pretty but it is necessary for all of us.) 

Everyday is a new day.  You can decide how you want to live it.  

Go out and see what you can do to make someone else's day better.

I hope everyone is doing great and that they are having a wonderful week. 

Happy St Patricks Day to all of you.
I am going to drink a green beer and listen to some Irish Music this weekend!
Wooo Hooo!!!


Thursday, March 6, 2014

LET GO & Lots of Journaling


This painting reminds me to let go.  Just let go and believe.  Trust.  
Let Go.
Learn to Trust.
Something very hard for me to do. 
I think I have finally learned.
To believe in me. 
That I will know when to trust and when not to trust.
Not hide away.
Trust in the process of life.
Trust the people in my life.
Trust in myself
Let Go.
Hello lovely people.

I have been away. I hope you enjoyed the repeat blog post that is so near and dear to my heart. I felt it needed to be repeated.   And because my computer was down I felt that was the most important post that I have ever written.
I have been so busy painting. It really did me good with not having my computer. It gave me time to just work on my art.  It was funny how I kept taking off to my computer room and then realizing that I didn't have it. (I also need a new laptop!!!)  One of these days I am going to take a month off from all social media. 
See what happens. Hmmmmm. It would be interesting.
But anyway these are the creations I have done the past week. 
Having so much fun!
Listening to Music and making Art.

Listening to Paolo Nutini 
So excited about this new album!!!
It is about time!
Makes me want to DANCE!!!
Have a great week everyone!!!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Old Lost Photo's Found - Alzheimers Disease

My computer is in being repaired this week. I seem to have bit of a virus .
So today I will be repeating an old post that is dear to my heart.
If you have someone in your life that has Alzheimer's I hope this can help you deal with the trials and tribulations.
But might I add there are some lovely moments too.
It is all how you deal with it. 

I also wanted to thank all the people that commented on this post.  I was so touched by all the stories and it made me feel like I was not alone.
You all touched my heart! 
They were all beautiful stories.

These are lost photos of my mother.

She was a Raven Haired Beauty.
Look how she sits with her ankles crossed.

Well let me say they have put me in quite a tizzy!
It reminds me of what a beautiful vibrant women she was.

I know she would not like this photo of her. Especially because it was showing too much skin.

I love this picture it shows the era. I would say it was early '50s

She was such a lady. All the women wanted to be her.
So did I.

Excuse me while I lament over my beautiful mother.

This will not be my usual blog post today. I am sorry I am just hoping this will help someone who’s loved one has Alzheimer disease.

The other day my Dad pulls out a box of slides that we had never seen before. Heidi and I started looking under one of these lights that dentist use. (That only my Dad would have, that will be a story for another day). And there were all these beautiful pictures of my mother. I believe they are right after my Dad and Mom got married. I would say they are from around 1950 to 1952. It was like winning the lottery for us.

Heidi quickly got them put on disks because we wanted to see them.

When I saw them I cried. And I have not stopped crying since. I remember her beauty. Not that I forgot. But memories started flooding by like I remember she use to wear a French Twist in her hair. She was so glamorous. I remember when she had it cut off. She stepped out of the car and I started crying and shouting “That’s not my mommy” and ran into the house. She of coarse started to laugh.

There are also so many regrets that came flooding by. That I could not contain myself. I had to have a talk with my Dad and discuss all those regrets. He eased my mind. I forgot how my father could do that for me like he use to in the old days. He can be very gruff but he also has a very soft side to him. We cried together.

I remember her cute little pert nose. I remember in the nursing home saying to my father. How she still looked so pretty with her cute little nose.

She suffered in her last months but we as a family were all there for her because we all adored her. She was the center of our family. She is what kept us all together.

Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease that robbed her of her words. I believe she knew us all in the end but she just could not verbalize it. We where her voice.

If you have a family member that is suffering from this disease get help. We went to classes to learn the do's and don’ts of how to speak to a person with Alzheimer’s.
Here are some things we learned.  I hope they help.

* Come to the someone with Alzheimer’s peacefully – Do not startle them. Prepare your heart and spirit. Be present.

* Talking isn’t the only way to communicate. My mother use to hit my father’s knuckles in a funny little love way. Or she would do this funny little popping noise with her mouth.

* Always introduce yourself; never ask “Do you remember me?”

* People watch, gossip with them, do anything that interest them. Even after my mother couldn’t remember who I was she liked to people watch. We’d sit side by side and I would comment on someone’s strange hair or how big my butt was – I would say anything that I could bring a smile to her face. That is one thing I could do was make my mother laugh.

* Smile for god sake!! Don’t go into see them and acting all serious. Or another thing don’t start yelling at them!!! Most of them can hear you….

* Don’t try to make them remember you or someone else. It frightens them because they can't remember.  The important thing is that you remember them.

* Still go and see them. I have heard people say "Why should I go and see them, They do not know who I am?"  Because like I said before...You know them.  You don't want to have any regrets.

* Use short sentences. If you have to ask them questions make sure they are yes or no questions.

* Never talk about them in front of them. They know what you are saying. All you are doing is scaring them.

* Whatever happens - Don’t take it personally. Remember their brains are going flooky!

* Read to them or tell them a story.

* If they are interested watch TV with them. I remember watching Peter, Paul and Mary special on PBS. Also the Laurence Welk show. She liked to hear music. She loved that. She loved to go to the sing alongs. She never sang but she would give me the knuckle and look at me with that smile and I knew she loved it. Music is one of the last things that Alzheimer patients can enjoy.

* Look past the lack of expression, continue to talk to the person you’ve always known that is still in there.

* It is OK to start to grieve even if they are still alive. I know I started early grieving for my mother. I lost her a long time before she finally left this earth. It is a very slow goodbye.

* Be happy for those moments of clarity. There will be moments when they all of a sudden speak your name in a clear sentence. The last words I heard my mother say to me were “I love you” I was coming in to visit and I just leaned down and kissed her and I said “I love my mommy” And she kissed me back and said those words right back to me. (In a very perky way, freaked me out a little) Can’t get much better than that….She died a week  later...

I hope this will help someone who’s loved one has Alzheimer’s.

I also show you these photo's because I wanted to show you how a disease can rob a person of all there senses.    She was educated women , She was a Artist, Personel Directer for a Department Store, Wife, Sister, Aunt, Grandmother.  And my Mother.  NO ONE IS IMMUNED TO IT.

This is my art this week. 

This is a very important fight for me.  Both my Grandmothers had Alzheimers. One started when she was 55 she died when she was 68. The other when she was 80 and she died when she was 89.  My mother started in her 60's and died when she was 72. My Aunt started in her early 60's and died just last year at 76.  It is a long journey.

Please give donation's to the Alzheimer's Association. Tell them Heather Foust sent you! 

Lots of love to everyone this week.



Thursday, February 20, 2014

Camptown Races

Embrace Change

Below are some Altered Old Book Journal Pages.
I did this week.
Full Circle Class. 
Misty Mawn
Love her! If you ever have a chance take a class.
She is always inspiring!

Also you know I have to tell some kind of story.
So this is my story for this week.
On Friday Nights we always go to our Neighborhood Tavern.
We see neighbors and old friends. 
Always have a good time.
We have a lot of colorful friends that we sit with and have dinner and talk about anything from Politics,Religion, Kids, Family, Etc.
Well sometimes these conversations get a bit heated. Not everyone thinks the same way. Its just how life is. We respect one another for the different opinions.
 Well anyway our friend Bob said that in his family every time that something gets heated or they come to an in pass they start singing "Camptown Race". After you are done you can't be mad anymore. It's not possible.
So that is what we did. Every time the conversation got heated we started singing.....
Camptown Ladies sing this song!
Do da Do da!
Camptown Race five mile long!
Do da Do da!
 Goin to run all Night!
Goin to run all Day!!

I know it is soooo silly!

It was one of the best nights!!! I am not kidding it works.
You just can't be upset after singing that song!!
So remember if things get heated sing Camptown Races!
We did a lot of singing.
Song is in my head!!
It's something about the "Do Da's"

I know you all think I am crazy... but it works!!

Also I just wanted to let you know I was just contacted by Somerset Studio and Somerset Studio Gallery.
I will be featured in the May 2014 Somerset Studio again for my Owls. And then in June I will be in the Somerset Studio Gallery with my Ballerina!
I am so trilled and grateful beyond belief!!!
I am having a dream come true kinda life this year!!!


Have a wonderful week and don't forget to sing!!!!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Blossoming Bud

 And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom
~Anais Nin~

I started showing my work in my 40's.  Kind of late for an artist. That is how insecure I was.  But I knew I had to let it out.  People would say to me why didn't you tell us that you were an artist?? I can't tell you why I was so afraid.  Insecurities really got to me when I was younger. I never felt good enough.  But you know when you get older (at least I did) I didn't care. I had to do what I had to do. Time was ticking and I knew if I didn't let the world into my secret I would have withered away with a nothingness life.

I would never bloom. 

I needed to bloom.

I yearned to bloom.

So I let out my passion. 

Life changed for me!

I want to tell you what really helped me was this online community.
I would just show enough and then see if there was a reaction.
The more reaction I got the more confidence I got.
The Internet is a wonderful thing if you use it.
It changed my life. I don't know if I would have shown my work if I didn't have it to hide behind.

I am a very shy person. ((I know people that know me want to laugh at that. Because I do tend to appear like I am very confident and secure. What I can do is make people laugh. Always been a thing I could do. I started with my parents. I was the youngest. I think I learned at an early age to get some attention you got to make them laugh!)) Anyway sorry about that I went off the subject.  I am a very shy person. Funny thing is I was in acting when I was in high school.  But now I can not stand up in front of people and speak because I would faint.  No kidding! When I went back to school later.  I almost fainted in front of a classroom of people when the teacher called me up in front of the class and said " Heather you come up and show the class how to do it, She knew I could do it but as soon as I looked and all 30 of those other students where looking at me I CHOKED!! I blubbered some kind of nonsense. And my teacher looked at me scratching  her head, like what was that??? 

Anyway what I am trying to say is if you are shy the Internet is the perfect place to start showing your work.

 I would not have blossomed into what I am today. Which is pretty Damn Good!!

So show your stuff!!!!
Let it goooooo.
Show the world what you got!!
The majority of people are really kind.
And if you run into some mean people, Forget about it. They have there own issues that have nothing to do with you!!

Just do it.

Don't be the bud.



Listening to this right now!!
Loving the entire album 
Jamestown Revival 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Nuture your friends

Nurture your Friends

What is a Friend?
Someone who accepts you for who you are. They REALLY know you and they still want to be with you!
Someone that is with you in times of need when they would rather be somewhere else.
They are with you through happiness and sorrow.

They are husbands, I believe you should marry your friend(and lover) If you don't marry a friend you have nothing when the euphoria goes away. Believe me that New Love stuff will die. People spend there whole life chasing that feeling. It never stays. After that is over that is when the REAL LOVE happens. The good stuff, the friendship, respect, acceptance.

Also Sister Friends. I am so lucky to have 2 of those. We have managed to stay close all these years. It makes me sad to see other people say they don't speak to there siblings. I couldn't imagine my life without them. Don't get me wrong we have our issues but we always get over it. We accept each other for our imperfect selves.

I believe in making new friends and keeping the old. (One is silver and the other gold, Do you remember that song from Girl Scouts? Anyway, I got off track!)

But I also believe in letting go of friends.  Not because you don't still love that person but because they are going in a different direction then yourself. It's OK to let go. 
I have had many friends come and go.
I have a friend that I have had since I was 15.  We were very close. We both had our babies together. Remember the last post I had about the village, Well she was part of that village. We let go of each other at one point.  She started her journey as a 2nd time mother and I started making a career.  We both were into two different things.  We drifted. Not too far that we were out of reach but not the everyday kind of thing we had before. We are back into the swing of things now. I love her and this post came about because of listening to her the other day on the phone.  Just listening. Not fixing it.(like I tend to do, I always want to fix it)  She needed someone to listen.  I know she would be there if I needed someone to listen. 

Anyway, I hope everyone doesn't mind my ramblings.
I will leave you with this quote and a song.

In every one's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flames by an encounter with another human being. We should be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.

~Albert Schweitzer~